Is 'Kojak' Obama losing all his hair?

Amid the recent kerfuffle about whether President Obama was or wasn’t actually ogling the ample behind of a young woman at the G8 summit, the world’s media seems completely to have lost sight of the real story: Barack Obama is losing his hair.
Have a look at the video and see for yourself. Try not to be distracted by the girl’s ample buttocks. Focus on the hair, which POTUS has recently cropped short in the way men often do when they’ve got burgeoning bald patches they want to disguise.  Now tell me, is it the video reproduction that is playing strange tricks? Or is the president’s hair starting to come out in funny, tufty little packages, almost, one might say, as if the onerous business of transforming a once proud free nation into a liberal fascist tyranny has started to trouble not just his mind but his scalp too.

I ask you, the jury to decide.