Dizzee Rascal speaks up for the City. Probably.

Dizzee Rascal demands tighter regulation of City bonuses. Or so we are to understand from this analysis in the Telegraph’s finance pages of the lyrics to Dizzee’s latest hit Dirtee Cash.

Certainly his critique of Brownian deficit spending is worthy of the great Jeremy Warner:

People act shameless
Tryna live like entertainers,
Want a fat crib with the acres,
So they spend money that they ain’t made yet,
Got a benz on tik that they ain’t paid yet,
Spend their pay cheque
In the west end on the weekend
Got no money by the end of the weekend.

And he seems to be taking a hard line on the City too:

Let me take you down to London city
Where the attitude’s bad and the weather is s****y

But in the world of grime rap, things are never quite what they seem. More likely is that his critique of the City is entirely ironic and that the Diz is in fact applauding City workers for their greed and profligacy, while simultaneously making an earnest plea to the Brown government not to let envious German and French Euro-regulators impose swingeing new controls on UK hedge funds.

How do we know this? Well the clues are all in this track, Money Money.

Money Money Money girls,
Money Money Money girls,
Money Money Money, girls girls, cash cash,
Dizzee diz i keep the money coming in,
eight hundred fifty pound jeans covering my shin,
‘coz my legs are skinny but my wallet ain’t thin,
everytime i bust a smile it’s a big money grin,
and i can’t stop grinning ‘coz i don’t stop winning.

I think, deep down, Dizzee does quite like money, don’t you? Here, in case you’re still unconvinced, is the chorus:

Money money money, girls girls, cash cash,
(i like) money money money, girls girls, cash cash,
(you like) money money money, girls girls, cash cash,
(we like) money money money, girls girls cash cash.