Even Doctor Evil is now a Tory

Tantric Tory? Andrew Charalambous

Tantric Tory? Andrew Charalambous

Well he looks a bit like Doctor Evil, anyway. His name’s Andrew Charalambous and he’s the quirkiest Tory candidate you ever did see.

By day – see his official Tory candidate website – he is a pillar of the community. A property developer (but a really nice one, apparently, who specialises in ethical housing for the poor and needy) and a police special constable attached to the Honourable Artillery Company.

By night he is “Dr Earth”, a man who has “completed one of the profoundest spiritual journeys in history and we know of no other who has travelled to so many countries on a spiritual quest  and who has been taught by so many spiritual masters from such a diverse plethora of spiritual systems.” He’s also a “tantric master”, a “fruitarian”, got a PHD studying the parallels between Plato’s Utopia and Spartan society, has dated “some of the most beautiful women”, and believes the world’s climate problems can be solved through vigorous dancing at his Kings Cross night club – Club 4 Climate – with its waterless urinals, wind turbine and solar panels.

Groovy baby!