Climategate: how the 'greatest scientific scandal of our generation' got its name

In his superb summary of the Climategate story so far, Christopher Booker generously credits me with having invented the name. Almost but not quite. The person who really coined it was a commenter called “Bulldust” on the Watts Up With That site. He wrote:

Hmmm how long before this is dubbed ClimateGate?

‘Not at all long’ was the answer. I picked up his ball and ran with it. And yes,  I totally agree with all those of you who groan that it’s too obvious or insufficiently witty (Mark Steyn’s Warmergate is better). It may even be that the latest name from the US is more apposite.

Climaquiddick, they’re calling it now. Why? Because the liberal media aren’t reporting it with the glee and enthusiasm and foaming self-righteousness they accorded Watergate. Instead, they’re giving it the grudging, embarrassed non-coverage the libtard MSM invariably does to a story they’d rather, ahem, drown.