Delingpole to be appointed Independent's environment correspondent

Toby Young’s recent revelation that Rod Liddle is being mooted as the Independent’s new editor came as no surprise to me. That’s because two weeks ago, Liddle sounded me out as to whether I’d like to be his new Environment Correspondent. Naturally, I said “Yes.”

Here are some of his other (planned) key appointments:

Health – Howard Marks

Women’s Editor – Kate Moss

Religious Affairs – Geert Wilders

Political Editor – Jeremy Clarkson

Youth Culture – Simon Heffer

Helmand Correspondent – Marcus Brigstocke

Smithers (following a successful recent application) – Toby Young

Actually, the great thing that if he does get the job, his real appointments will probably be even weirder than the ones I’ve just made up. It’s why I’m hoping the Indie’s prospective buyer Alexander Lebedev isn’t put off by the Stop Rod Liddle campaign which has been launched on Facebook and on certain dismal libtard websites. The only thing crazier than buying an ailing newspaper when print circulations are in freefall would be not to give the job to the one man on earth who could possibly save it.

And I’m not saying that to suck up to Liddle. (Ha ha. Don’t need to. If he gets the job I’m in there big time because we’re mates anyway). I’m saying it a) because it would be such fun – like appointing Satan the new choirmaster at Westminster Abbey and b) because there’s a massive gap in the market for a newspaper run by an editor of Liddle’s puckish, unpredictable, fearlessly irreverent persuasion.

If he gets the job I shall be particularly interested to see what his readers make of his views on Climate Change, a taste of which you can see here at his Spectator blog.There may be a certain amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Especially if I really do get that Environment Corr job which I wouldn’t at all rule out. I’d give it to me, certainly, if I were Rod.

Is Lebedev on Facebook? I’m not sure but just in case he is I do urge you to join the “Rod Liddle For Independent Editor” Facebook group. As Iain Dale has noticed at the moment it’s looking piteously small.