What Lord Tebbit says: a bit more right-wingness will do Cameron no harm at all

Did you read Peter Hitchens’s thrilling piece in the Mail On Sunday? It’s the one where he urges everyone not to vote Conservative.

I don’t care who else you vote for (apart from the BNP, which no decent person can support).

But I beg and plead with you not to fall for the shimmering, greasy, cynical fraud which is the Cameron project. You will hate yourself for it in time if you do.

The obvious thing is not necessarily the right one. A little knowledge can save us from making bad mistakes.

If you feed a big meal to a starving man, which might seem the kind thing to do, you are likely to kill him.

Aeroplanes take off into the wind, not, as might seem more sen­sible, with the wind behind them.

If your car engine overheats, you should turn the heater up, not down.

It’s the same here. You may want to ‘Get Gordon Brown out’. So do I. And he’s done for anyway.

But do you really want to put in a man who agrees with Gordon Brown on almost every major issue, and is so confident of his liberalism that he doesn’t even try to keep it secret?

Apart from that pathetic, wearisomely predictable and utterly dishonest line about the BNP (a vote for the Greens, or indeed the Animal Rights nutcase who has campaigning in my constituency would be FAR more evil) it’s a good piece and one with whose sentiments I am sure many of us here would agree.

But I’m taking my line from the two political commentators whose judgement I most admire – Fraser Nelson at the Spectator, and Lord Tebbit of this parish. And both seem to be rooting – albeit grudgingly – for Cameron as the least worst viable option.

Like Lord Tebbit, though, in latest blog I do wish that, even at this late stage, the Cameroons could find it in their hearts to offer natural Conservatives a bit more red policy meat. Yes we like Gove’s education reforms, but I’m not sure they quite cancel out the ineffable crapness of the Tory policies on things like the Environment, the NHS, Energy, the EU and everything else apart from schools that matters.

That’s why it was such a relief to learn from Douglas Carswell MP’s blog that Cameron is apparently going to make it his number one priority on being elected to have a Great Repeal Bill like the one Carswell and Dan Hannan proposed in that book The Plan that Dan is too modest ever to mention in any of his blogs. The idea is to repeal all unnecessary legislation passed by New Labour in the last decade.

So that’s a second reason to vote Conservative, I guess. But two’s really not that many Dave. Depends how big a majority you want, but I’d suggest if it’s a working one you’re after, a bit more anti-big-government, pro-liberty stuff might be the order of the day.