I'd rather have Monckton in a foxhole with me than Monbiot

George Monbiot, plus some other libtard journalist I’d never even heard of before he mentioned me in his blog, has been having a go at Viscount Monckton.

They’ve been crowing because John Abraham a lecturer in fluid mechanics at a Minnesota Bible college has done an 83-minute Fisking of a speech Lord Monckton – or Chrissy Babes, as I prefer to call him – gave in his city last year. Apparently Monckton is totally wrong about everything and therefore, by association, this demolishes the entire case Evil Climate Change Deniers have against Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Yeah right. Monckton doesn’t need me to defend him. He does a characteristically masterly job here at Pajamas Media.

Do I believe he’s up there with Richard Lindzen and Fred Singer in his perfect grasp of every last scientific detail? No.

Is he given, occasionally, to overegging the pudding – such as when he ended his rousing Heartland conference keynote speech with a sob-choked rendition of the Gettysburg Address? Er, yes, if you’re English certainly, though I can quite see why an American audience might think differently.

Am I embarrassed to be on the same side as him in the war on ManBearPig? Hell no. Monckton has his flaws, as do we all, but by crikey the man has spirit. He’s quicker on his feet than any debater I’ve seen. He’s funny. He’s witty. He’s ferociously clever and a master of his brief. My goodness it was a privilege to have him on my side in that debate we won at the Oxford Union the other day.

Oh, and there’s one more key difference which I think we would do well to consider when judging Monckton as against the other side. Unlike the Warmists, Monckton is not proposing urinating $45 trillion of your money, my money and the world’s money up against the wall in a name of a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

All hail Monckton. I’m proud to call him an ally and a friend.

106 thoughts on “I'd rather have Monckton in a foxhole with me than Monbiot”

  1. James D are you gay good heavens man if your in a foxhole you should have a chesty woman next to you with super model features, curvaceous and if your going to die it should be with a smile on your face.

  2. @ Pointman

    Top man Pointman, your information was spot on, lifeboat sailed into the sunset over the horizon out of sight and interference.

    A reply would be appreciated so I know the message has landed

    Thank you

  3. James,

    Didn’t you mean the trenches?
    Moonbat wouldn’t be in the trenches, he would be on General Haig’s staff as a minor subaltern.
    Paper shuffling and quaffing champers ‘sur la terrasse’, with the sound of Howitzers as background music.
    Monckton as you say is a street fighter, he can take it on the chin, I’ve read the rebuff, alarmists are wetting themselves but the realists can rest easy, if one removes the personal attacks it is not much.
    I much prefer Joe Bastardi’s rebuff of Hansen here:-


    To someone such as myself who follows the claims of the alarmists with ever increasing amazement, Hansen is skinned by Bastardi in the above comments.

  4. To those of you who may have my email address, please don’t use it for a while. I have a problem to investigate with it.


    @Walt – I’ll be in touch

  5. Hi JD

    Totally screwed up trying to log in to the new blog system. Typing in the dark!!

    I always read from oldest to newest. The system seems to be set that if you display oldest to newest, there is no Next button! Need to scroll all the way back up to the top to get to the next page. And… no way to display all comments in chronological order.

    So I can over here!-) Much easier.

    Not managed to get into the new DT system yet.

    Cheers – keep up the good work.


  6. On this date 66 years ago, we took nearly 10,000 casulties in one day for something as ephemeral as Democracy. It, like freedom of speech, is ours to lose.



  7. Just posted this on DT which I repeat here in case I get moderated.!!!

    Good morning All

    As I lay abed last night, I wondered if my post manonthemoor 5 June 22:22 (x or n hours/days ago) {sorry the search option does not span pages}, would survive the night.

    As it happen my criticism of LOST DATA has survived the night and I have a vision of two bright teenagers writing a routine to dice and slice WordPress data into DISQUS data to be installed on previous comments and blogs.

    Are the mods as I type creating new chapters on ‘PC ‘

    and ‘shoot the messenger’ policies

    During the last two years we have seen history being made in front of us , in politics, in finance and of course in AGW denial.

    This data the product of DT staff, the internet, comments and blogs is too valuable to discard, and I therefore call on DT staff and all contributors to campaign and crusade for the recovery of this data.

    Using the onscreen (output) data from WordPress it should even be possible to retain the timestamp information, but even if this is not possible the data itself and the valuable links would be a worthwhile contribution..

    To be fair the system is new but the old data is important and over say the next few weeks may be in the plan to recover it.

    Bearing in mind that James said the system would not be available until Monday, perhaps I am putting the Barouche in front of the horse.


    Thank you

    PS For those with password signout problems – I use both Mozilla and Opera and stay signed in without any problems even after shutdowns. There must be settings to remember passwords in these systems somewhere which can be set.

  8. James, guess what? The new blogging software has the same hijack feature as the old except it not only enables you to post as someone else but locks them out of the system while they’re doing it. Sweet Jesus, here we go again.


  9. Pointman says:
    June 6, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Agreed its getting worse with avatars ans comments compromised as well.

    Please Please PRETTY PLEEESE ===== JAMES

    Can you make representatons on our behalf

    NO WAY should DT be payng for this rubbish

    WE NEED a major security upgrade!!!

    Thank you in advance

  10. @ Pointman 22:00 hrs

    Hi Pointman

    I noted your claimed decamp to this blog.

    In all the discussions about the ‘new’ DT blog nobody to my knowledge has suggested we decamp to this JD blog.

    The DT might be upset, but James has enough goodwill now I would hope to stand the flack from the DT.

    There may be a reason — Any thoughts suggestions.


  11. Hi MOTM. He’s a draw and the DT know it. It’s up to them to unfuck their software – what JDs readership decide to migrate to is beyond his control and theirs. Even when the software remains usable, the new paginated layout and lack of timestamping simply shatters and feeling of a running debate. It’s unusable.


  12. MOTM, he’s got rather a strong hand. If he decides to move paper, he’ll be bringing 500 comments per blog plus the massive lurker count. If the former move away then so will the latter.

    Quite frankly, I’d be tempted to strike out on my own. A bit of startup financial sponsorship (there are enough anti-AGW fundations), give a webmaster a cut for running it and bringing in the ad revenue and he’s away.


  13. I read JD’s stuff every day, and try to get through all the comments too. The new software that DT are using is absolute crap! At least if all comments were back in order, with timestamps, and the Reply taken off, it might be more usable.

    It’s the constant scrolling down, up, find button, down, up, find button….

    ferret, alias i_was_ferret

  14. @Pointman

    I had thought the freelance route was possible.

    He has the visibility and the pedigree to run for himself.

    He does have bit parts in the Express and others.

    Presumably this blog software is open source and run by James.

    The only problem I see is dealing with the traffic.

    There may be a problem with his ISP but easily resolved.

    I have said previously James is a legend in his own time — What has he to lose.

    Just needs to get move over publicity via friendly websites and us before we get banned.


    Good night

  15. MOTM, The bandwidth thing is why touched by funding – you can always get funding. The trick is to ask the right person!


  16. Here’s one Pointy:

    Are there libtard trolls running your blog now, James? Why are my comments being deleted? I have been a loyal member of this team since November last year and suddenly my posts are being cencored. Why? Is the demise of trolls offending the moderator or are we just not allowed to mention our old trolls?

    If it’s thought to be off-topic (hasn’t much of the new blog been off-topic?), look at it this way:

    From the article
    “George Monbiot, plus some other libtard journalist I’d never even heard of before he mentioned me in his blog, has been having a go at Viscount Monckton.” Trolls do that too. Here’s a short Troll Review from memory:

    The cultslinger defeated at the Battle of Peer Reviews by Poptech’s 700. Culty left the field by the back door on the old blog.

    Gouty left the field due to his mental frailty on the last blog

    Theeepilog will be lurking somewhere waiting to hurl insults on us.

    Passporty Boy will drop by when he sorts out the new blog and if he can remember who wanted to steal his passport and why.

    Izen withdrew from the new blog with honour as its fromat and processes were not up to his practical, technical, moral or ethical standards. Who can blame him?

    A couple of minor trolls got lost in the long grass of AGW and canbanjo lost it (his banjo that is)

    What is the problem with a humorous list of our old trolls? Perhps the word ‘vomit’ was too strong for this new politically correct blog. Let’s try ‘hurl’ to be nicer (see above) .

    I was just irritated by this new messy blog, now I am becoming infuriated by it!

  17. Another

    Are there libtard trolls running your blog now, James? Why are my comments being deleted? I have been a loyal member of this team since November last year and suddenly my posts are being censored. Why? Is the demise of trolls offending the moderator or are we just not allowed to mention our old trolls for some strange reason?

    I was merely irritated by this new messy blog, now I am becoming infuriated by it! I thought our whole tenet was ‘freedom of speech’ so not even trolls have been censored when they insult James. Has the DT gone mad now or been taken over by the Guardianista?

  18. This was my second attempt at the troll review which was deleted again, Pointy:

    I’ll try that again. There must have been a glitch!!

    Are there troll running this blog now, James? Why are my comments being deleted?

    Troll Review from memory:

    The cultslinger defeated at the Battle of Peer Reviews by Poptech’s 700. Culty left the field by the back door on the old blog.

    Gouty left the field due to his mental frailty on the last blog

    Theepilog will be lurking somewhere waiting to vomit insults on us.

    Passporty Boywill drop by when he sorts out the new blog and if he can remember who wanted to steal his passport and why.

    IzenWithdrew from the new blog with honour as it was not up to his practical, technical, moral or ethical standards. Who can blame him?

    A couple of minor trolls got lost in the long grass of AGW and canbanjo lost it (his banjo that is)

    What is the problem with a humorous list of our old trolls?

  19. Dear James,

    In your lettered and learned opinion, would you say the sentence, “Perhaps the duck can censor this”, is in any way inappropriate for your DT blog? If you answer no, then I’m afraid you’re at odds with your comment moderators. For ease of comprehension of the sentence’s intended recipient (who, as we are all aware, is one or two sandwiches short of a picnic), I rendered it into the native tongue of his adopted homeland:

    Barangkali bebek bisa menyensur ini jika dia suka.

    I suppose it sounds too much like Tolkien’s orkish, otherwise why would it fall foul of our newly-acquired and highly esteemed nannies? Please advise (|-( :::::

    Yours in pained confusion


  20. RR, Oz I can’t see what was worthy of censorship on your posts. I’m afraid I’m going to be moving on. I’ll post a swansong a la Izen sometime later today.


  21. Okay pointy.

    I was thinking about an exchange with James on 3 March, on the distinction between conservatism and libertarianism. I saw such a rich mine there, I decided to start my own blog, http://libertygibbert.wordpress.com/ Don’t worry James, I’ll still contribute to your blog, but as we have a new baby arriving later this week I’ll have to scale back my attendance for a while. All of JD’s posters are welcome there, particularly while the DT blog software business gets sorted out.



  22. Top of the mornin’ to yer Pointy,

    To unfuck, I like that Pointy;>)
    Scrolling down JD’s blog on DT site I notice that RR is becoming a tad antsy and reading the comments made ‘above’ by manonthemoor – well he is exactly translating my thoughts into his words.
    See someone is having a go at crown, bit out of order even if he is Francophone or Normanconquestophile…………. he surely is gentry;>) – Ha! – you live in a Republic now crown;>)))))
    Has ozboy been across here yet?
    Is Walt communicating directly with you Pointy? – none of my business of course.
    Just asking:>)
    They seem very excited at UKIP home now that Monckton has joined, don’t blame ’em he has charisma and is as sharp as a cut-throat razor.
    Meanwhile Steve Goddard at WUWT is thinking the Arctic Sea Ice melt will come in at betwixt 2003/06 on Jaxa ratings, which is good because recent melt was a bit or seemed a bit precipitous…..I was waiting for some Beeb hack to highlight it on the Today prog’ or sommat….or Louise Gray at DT/Lean?
    Mind you the ice in Antarctica has been doing very nicely, the southern ice extent is never mentioned by our knowledgable alarmists because it doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’, if there is global ‘warming’ how come the Antarctic is so damn cold?
    Global sea ice area remains steady, looks like the polar bears are safe for another week/month/millenium whatever.

    regards, Ed.

  23. Good morning all

    Just been getting an update reading the DT shambles

    I have some suggestions for Pointman following our dialogue last night and will post separately.

    I offer suggestions and ideas for comment and all are welcome to add their four penneth.

    I will assemble my ideas coherently via MS word and report back in less than an hour

  24. @ Pointman and All Others

    Following our discussion last night, I am now convinced more than ever James should go it alone, the DT blog today has moved to farce because of deleted comments.

    My suggestions for James are as follows:-

    I will number them for easy reference and additions and comments can thenbe added as sub references.

    1 Publicity

    I suggest a five minute professional video, with Lord Monkton interviewing James about his contribution to Climategate and his plans for the future. In effect a commercial for his new blog., but within any Youtube rules Thus then to be published on Youtube and we can all reference it on other blogs.

    2 Sponsorship

    The biggest problem seems to be computing power and bandwidth, The format of the blog is established and carries its own powerful goodwill.

    2.1 Why not seek a sponsor like an ISP who have the necessary power and would be interested in advertising access

    2.2 There is also an opportunity for a ‘sleeping sponsor’ like the Express whose owner wants to break the mould and would be willing for a period to support James, and subsequently decide a plan for long term stability, funding and promotion.

    3 Funding

    2.1 People buy shares in racehorses, why should we not buy share in James.

    2.1.1 James has our email addresses and could make invitations to sponsor or donate
    Basically one horse in a one horse race there we know the winner

    2.1.2 10 x 10 pounds for 12 months share investment could be money well used ina good cause, money back after 12 months

    2.1.3 The RealityReturns list up to the election contained around 100 dedicated James fans who were prepared to stand up for UKIP principles and subsequent EU nonsense has made their argument more powerful.
    Again if these people were to donate money probably via paypal this would provide an income to get started. (Note paypal is an easy worldwide payments system which could be used for a nonexistent product)

    2.1.4 UKIP had around a million votes, plus in addition there must exist another million people who are dedicated to the AGW fight and this is just in the UK.
    I would not like to think of the numbers world wide

    Thus a ONE pound donation via Paypal again would make a real contribution to the ANTI AGW cause.

    4. Charity

    For tax reasons and other organisational reasons the may be value in James becoming a charity organisation, properly arranged with terms of reference and accounts etc.

    5. James Book

    We have not heard much about his book and the recent event may affect some of his background material, but also this represents both an opportunity to take stock and publish to date, but with a second book for the new beginning a possibility.

    Publishing is changing iPads, ebooks even downloadable .pdf’s are ALL options that need to be considered, again with the option to promote the blog as an up to date dynamic source of information which it has been,

    6 My comment

    6.1 Time to move on James – You have the support — Grasp the nettle

    6.2 This document is a serious intention to move the ANTI AGW campaign forward and once again gain the initiative

    6.3 Thank you for taking the time to read this ALL COMMENTS WELCOME

    Manonthemoor 7 June 10:32

  25. My swansong post at the DT blog – just in case it’s fucking well deleted.

    As I said earlier on, I will no longer be contributing to this blog. This is in no way a reflection on James nor on the other contributors to it.

    I’d like to say up front that being a part of such a vibrant community for the last few months has been a very real personal pleasure. The wit, erudition and and experiences shared have underscored my belief that there is intelligent life in the universe and it sometimes comes complete with an A10.

    My reasons for leaving the party are twofold. The first and minor reason, is the new blogging software. Apart from its bugs and the serious security loopholes, it positively inhibits the meaty discussions that were the backbone of the blog. As an example of this, another poster in his farewell post took the time to write a long and thoughtful piece on what he considered to be the direction blogging in general (and on the DT) was going. It was hardly discussed. Why? Because it was quickly buried somewhere in one of the ‘pages’ with no way to reference or locate it except to trudge through page after page. I doubt if the non-contributing readership even know it was there after it slipped off the first page. To put it bluntly, the blog software encourages the Tofu nibblers of debate and buries the big free-range carnivores.

    The big reason is the censorship. This blog was always subject to light moderation but the accent is on light. You had to be going at it hard to lose a post and speaking as a veteran of the occasional troll war we had, some of it wasn’t altogether pretty – a back alley knife fight with no rules of engagement. They came to close down debate so we fought them to protect the debate and I never had a problem with that. This was one of the few, if not the only, places in the UK where skeptics of AGW could gather and present their side of the story and we’d be damned if we’d be elbowed off the ball. James, to his credit, let those battles play themselves out to whatever conclusion.

    I’d like to thank James for providing this platform here, especially as I suspect he’s taken more than a few bullets from an overwhelmingly pro-AGW press establishment. Concensus journalism, like concensus science, is a cancer gnawing away inside institutions.

    If you care about what is being debated and I do, then you must have the freedom to speak your mind. If you participate in a debate shaping your words to avoid possible censorship, then you’re not debating. You’re taking part in a show debate and what’s infinitely worse, lending it a bogus integrity by your participation. I won’t have any part of that.

    Sticking with the blog would be like watching a good friend going down to progressive Alzheimers. I’d rather remember the good times.


  26. Just read it, pointman.
    A vey sad day.
    We seriously need to think about where to reconvene.
    Here? may compromise JD – god knows what his situation is amidst the politics that is clearly in full swing.

  27. Like Pointman I have just made my exit from DT the blogs

    I have made a reply to Pointman here but it/they are awaiting moderation would you believe

  28. Pointman says:
    June 7, 2010 at 9:38 am

    From the heart, well written and sincerely put.
    Brother and ally in thought and sentiment.

    Good on yer Pointy!
    Whither now?


  29. Hello Scouse. Yep, we need a new home if we’re all to keep in touch. I’ll be commenting on JD’s blog here but if all the immigrants camp here, he may have a bandwidth problem. Time or James will tell if it’s a problem. So yes, I’m camping here.


  30. Edward Longshanks says:
    June 7, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Yes, Walt and I correspond. He’s gone off radar completely. I’m a bit concerned.


  31. Yes it does appear the DT blogs are now heavily compromised.
    stiffled debate 1-0 freedom of speech.

    adieu, adieu.

  32. Is James around? Has he been reading all the adverse comments on the layout of this new (DT) blog? Are we all going go over to James’ blog site?

    The best solution is for the DT to put the “old” blog software back, or they are going to loose a lot of readership!

    ferret at 11:07 07/06/10

  33. Just to say I’ve given up with the Telegraph – not only can I not seem to log on anymore, but trying to follow the hideous new format gives me eyestrain and a headache, so I’ll monitor JD here.

  34. Pointman says:
    June 7, 2010 at 10:05 am
    He’s been posting fairly recently (on here), I hope he is OK Pointman.


    Hello Orkneylad Have you seen the pre cambrian basal rocks on Orkney? – fascinating so are the Devonian flags.

    In fact welcome all!

    Exiles and miffed.

    @Scousebilly, did what you suggested, yeah it’s possible.

  35. ” Disqus has a model that does not appear to have the user’s interest in mind. ” from a comment on a blog article here from 2 years ago http://www.davidrisley.com/2008/05/10/debating-disqus-seems-stupid/ .

    Remember the fascist scum promising to shut us down?

    Well I think the real tool they used to do that, was DISQUS.

    Offsite storage – (tick);

    Offsite Moderation – (?)

    We need a forum running good forum software, so that topics can be a lot easier to handle and keep relevant.

  36. Hi Guys

    I’ll pobably be on here more now. Amerloque is likely to move over here too. For some reason manonthemoor has been blocked here….strange!!

    Has anyone heard from James yet?

  37. Edward Longshanks says:
    June 7, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Yes, I know he posted here a few days ago but it didn’t sound like the Walt we know and love. Worrying. Rereading his posts I know how he feels.

    @All – I’m going to bag a bottle of Jamesons and do some serious ‘what comes next’ thinking. THIS is an open forum. What are peoples’ thoughts?


    ps Someone calling themselves manonthemoor was posting under the Gores’ divorce piece in this blog. It certainly sounded like MOTM. Maybe just a mixup.

  38. This is what James wrote in his thread last week about trolls:

    “One troll has managed to steal commenters’ identities, sowing confusion and misery and anxiety…. The good news is that measures are being taken to deal with this problem. It will soon be much easier to register on Telegraph and also to protect your identities.”

    This doesn’t sound, to me, like a sudden DT plot to chase off James’ posters.

    What they have done with format is gone to a Facebook/chatroom model. I don’t think that is aimed at chasing off James’ posters. It might have that effect, but I don’t think that was the intent.

  39. Pointman,try Powers Gold Label a much nicer shot than Jamesons. I have just now stocked up on Goldings and 4-4-2 [Shepard Neame ] along with some Pinot Noir so I will be okay if the volcano blows.
    However what to do next? I see a few posts this AM on the DT blog,maybe a cessation of contributing might work? The moderation is stupid in the extreme today,maybe they had a day off yesterday?

  40. P – What are peoples’ thoughts?

    1. Sceptics of climate alarmism ‘may’ need a new ‘safe-house’ in the UK MSM that has high visibility.
    2. Whilst it’s easy to feel threatened by recent changes at the DT, I personally think that this is largely due to sceptics feeling threatened in a more general sense than in a specific one. The forces of dogmatism may be ‘manning the pumps’ right now but I’ll be giving the DT a bit more time before pre-judging it any further.
    3. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.
    4. As amerloque says, now is not the time to let up!


  41. OOooooooooooo I can’t get the DT comments page to load,wots happnin? Has that plonker Tom ??? apologised to Lord M. ?

  42. In an earlier post someone mention a move to get us off the air , I recall that post now, a troll wrote ‘no platform for fascists and deniers” Is this the key to the demise of the blog?

  43. Sorree

    Just Checked too many posts these last few days

    These were mine

    manonthemoor says:
    June 4, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    James the loss of the blog comments over the last 8 months is a travesty and unless DT revert to the previous wordpress system and recover the posts then the whole teamwork on Climategate is at risk

    This is not a trivial situation and now the whole new system has crashed in flames


    manonthemoor says:
    June 4, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    James can you get a back up of the blogs organised QUICKLY before they destroy the wordpress files.

    The backups can then be published in the same way as the original Climategate emails.

    Surely it even in the interests of DT to help with this



    But I see nothing too contentious

  44. Tested to see what is is being blocked on the DT, apparently the moderator must be a gay muslim.
    This explains everything.

  45. crownarmourer’s comment

    “just now I was correct tested my theory about what is blocked, comments about gay people, race and islam. ”

    just got zapped!


  46. Don’t know what I have done now, but have a comment on here stuck in moderation since 1.07pm?

  47. Mr. Delingpole,

    You are truly a man amongst men. I enjoy reading your blogs as well as oyur newpaper articles. Please continue to fight the good fight. I would love to meet the team members that participated with you in your recent debate.

    Hail the conquering heroes!

  48. Mack says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    “I changed my avatar on that disgust to the Israeli flag,wonder if it will be banned? ”

    Mack – Make it a bloody swastika, they’d like that. I’m keeping two windows open and watching which posts are deleted by refreshing one.


  49. crownarmourer

    Look at the Ed West thread on immigration. It doesn’t seem to have been censored.


    Is there a theme to the “censoring” so far? From what others have posted about deletions, I am picking out that comments addressed to or about trolls may be one theme. Also some of your test comments,that clearly weren’t substance, but meant simply as tests.

    But, manonthemoor said the deletions appeared with the “awaiting moderation” notice and then were deleted. That should leave the “comment removed” notice. I am not seeing loads of those.

  50. msher says:
    June 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm


    Sorry if I confused you, my problems were on this blog

    Green Sand seems to have similar problems with a very non controversial posting

    timed @ 1:07 waiting over 5 hours

    Perhaps the answer is that James has gone to ground waiting for peace to break out

  51. msher I’m trying to see what you can get away with so far, identifired three things, it is either machine driven filters or one of the moderators moves from blog to blog and removes any reference to gay people or muslims, it tends to happen to one persons blogs for a while, Mary Riddell’s blog was unusable for comment when people were discussing gay people about a month back. Then Ed West one time then Cristina Odone.

  52. Hmm interesting just tried posting is Jim Delingpole and got moderated….
    for saying…”Pretending to be other people is wrong.”

  53. crownarmourer

    “Hmm interesting just tried posting is Jim Delingpole and got moderated….
    for saying…”Pretending to be other people is wrong.”

    If that’s all you said, that’s not censorship. No one would censor that.

  54. Monckton at 02:39 AM on 7 June, 2010 …..
    A video by me refuting all of Mr. Abraham’s numerous false claims and outright mendacities will be available shortly. – Monckton of Brenchley

  55. Here is another -bad- change to the new format. The bloggers’ comments are no longer have a different color background, so they don’t stand out.

    That is easily fixible, as is the time stamp. I don’t know about the other things.

  56. Hi Pointman !

    Ya gotta love this (wide grin) …

    /// 10 years needed to seal climate cuts, says UN pointman
    (AFP) – 3 hours ago
    PARIS — The world community may need another 10 years to agree on carbon cuts deep enough to roll back global warming, the UN’s pointman for climate change warned on Monday. …/…

    Amerloque 20100607 20h16 Paris time (CET)

  57. Hi amerloque. Sounds like me leading them – I’d make bloody sure it took at least 10 years or more!


  58. Msher – catch up. This isn’t censorship, it’s called killing a blog. All it needed was an opinionated pygmy at keyboard …


  59. How about if loads of people go on to Damian’s blog, with his name and avatar, and post comments on the weaknesses of the new blog. It is sure to get some attention.

  60. @Locusts June 7, 2010 at 6:53 pm
    AND @All

    I was a lurker at the telegraph blogs from the beginning, as with a lot of other blogs. It’s just an impression but I’ve learned to trust my instincts. If there’s someone behind torpedeoing the blogs, it wouldn’t be him.

    Being a good lapsed Catholic of many years standing, I’ve read his blogs often and feel he’s not only a decent type but recognise how the telegraph blogs came alive under his editorship. Good things happen with good leadership and the reverse is even truer.

    Again, my feeling is he’s not standing by idly while something he’s built up over a long time is being disassembled. I’m not privy to what’s happening at the Telegraph today but I’m sure he’s in there fighting to preserve what he’s built up.

    We need to cut him some slack and be as supportive as possible. If you want to post to him then preface it with an acknowledgement of where he took the Telegraph blogs – from a dull nowhere appendage of the newspaper to a vibrant forum for many ideas.

    Just my opinion, but if he’s fighting for us, and I’m sure he is, he needs us at his back showing solidarity from the blog rather than hacking at him from the front. Give him some ammunition, some good posts to his blog.


  61. Pointman

    Other than what has transpired on the blog itself over the last few days, do you have reason to believe that the DT wants to kill off the blog?

    When James sounded upbeat last week about the coming changes, was he in the dark about the planned killing off of his blog?

    I agree that the timing of James’ upgrading this web site makes it appear that he might be about to de-camp the DT. I think it further unusual that James hasn’t commented. Is he busy, under contractual prohibition or indifferent to his posters? But I don’t know for sure what any of these things mean. What are you basing your certainty on?

  62. @msher says:
    June 7, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    “What are you basing your certainty on?” – Gut instinct and in extreme situations it’s rarely wrong.


  63. I have made two comments on the blog in an attempt to get it going,but will not play silly-buggers with censors,either the blog works as before or it is dead.Of course James is entitled to all our support but not at the expense of selling out truth to some twat with a blue pencil.

  64. God almighty, my fellow members of the human race never cease to amaze or to deflate.
    Get this or get it not, what is this twerp on?
    Or does he have shares in the Carbon Exchange?
    Or work for Goldman Sachs?

    “This division over direction in international climate policy is resting on a knife-edge. Just months ago the outgoing Labour Government in the UK announced it could support a second round of Kyoto. Mexico, the host of December’s UN Climate Conference, where the second round of Kyoto targets is supposed to be agreed made clear that despite imperfections, ‘the Kyoto Protocol is the only legally binding agreement that we have.’ And Norway clearly indicated that it would sign on for a second round. If the EU were to take leadership again perhaps the world could get back on track to a sensible, science based climate policy instead of the crazy-talk coming from countries in Bonn right now.”

    I like that……………..Kyoto 2 …….’despite imperfections’ (yeah right!) What is wrong with that statement?

    Just googled him he’s a fucking actor…..good grief another bleedin’ heart goof….still they don’t live a tangible existence.

  65. Morning all. It appears the DT JD blog has flatlined. As I said earlier, real pity.

    All is not lost – ’tis but a retreat. JD, your crew are regrouping on my distant shores, from whence we shall surely return in JD-day triumph. I presume to quote the greatest Briton of them all:

    …we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the Old.


  66. Copy post from DT:

    808 comments and I don’t know where to start! I usually scroll to where I was last. Lunchtime was 700 odd, but with so many pages and no timestamps, navigating around is like tracing a piece of spaghetti.

    Any of the people who actually recommended this blog software said anything yet. It is abysmal.

    Anyway, some stuff going one over at JD’s blog http://jamesdelingpole.com/blog/id-rather-have-monckton-in-a-foxhole-with-me-than-monbiot-1009/ and at http://libertygibbert.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/james-delingpole-demise-of-a-mighty-blog/

    James – I hope you’re trying your hardest to fix the problems!

    All the best

  67. Checking out a site I sometimes visit ( http://dailygrail.com/
    I noticed they’d included Tom Chivers article – so I thought I’d leave a comment (which I’d never done there before) bringing Monckton’s rebuff to their attention. They seem to have welcomed it and the whole thing has expanded. They’ve mentioned that Chivers’ article has been removed but can now be found at: http://climatechangepsychology.blogspot.com/201
    where he’s still being mauled to pieces – though Abraham gets the odd supporter, and JD’s blog has also been given a link in the Daily Grail News brief. So all in all they’ve been quite fair at Daily Grail and taken up the challenge.

  68. Abraham’s work looks largely good.

    Monckton made up short term IPCC projections to ridicule them. (if he’d handed that in as a first year undergraduate I expect his tutor would have hammered him for it – his error bounds demonstrate horrendous ignorance)

    Monckton did misinterpret and misrepresent work on Greenland’s ice, extending his conclusions far beyond what was supported by the evidence (e.g. the work of Johannesen)

    Monckton did use Lamb’s ’65 graph showing the MWP without clarifying that it is a schematic based around central England and terminates around 1920/30. It doesn’t contradict hemispheric ‘hockey sticks’.

    Monckton continues to make a series of well known misunderstandings; CO2 lags temperature (i.e. chickens follow eggs, therefore eggs can’t follow chickens), he tries to use short term (<10yr) trends as sensible, when any statistical analysis tells you its not, etc etc.

    Monckton is a fraud.

  69. Libtard? I don’t think I need read any further than this. That’s the best you can do? No wonder that “Coward on the Beach” thing sucked so hard. I keep it in my bathroom, but not for reading.

  70. Oh God, I just had a vision of how humanity will end – a collection of the dullards from Britain’s private schools giggling to each other about gays, muslims and climate change while the oceans rise, led by a man who does have the wits to know better but realises that his career at the Telegraph requires him to pretend to be stupid.

  71. Orkneylad:

    Just cause you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you — Ja woll.

    See you over at Ozboy’s.


  72. Hey y’all (g’day James D.):

    What I find interesting is the way the regulars have dispersed and regrouped, on this site and others — people that would not have posted outside of the usual venue except for what is clearly an extraordinary disruption. But the sense of purpose and community — collegiality if that’s not too pretentious — survives and seeks other outlets (which it readily finds, lucky us). We’re sort of like a fish ball of sardines when a large tarpon or sailfish is on the hunt. Of course, when the sailfish are successful, the sardines are all eaten and their silvery scales fall decoratively into the depths (yeah, I saw it on Attenborough, did you?). But somehow I feel we’re a bit more resourceful than sardines.

  73. Pointman:


    Yes, mate, the rain in Spain … is a gain. Especially if you’re trying to grow citrus. : )

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