I'd rather stick my hand in a bag of amphetamine-injected rattlesnakes than put my trust in tonight's BBC Panorama documentary on 'Global Warming'

Let’s just remind ourselves, shall we, why the BBC is constitutionally incapable of reporting on global warming in a fair, balanced or indeed honest way. On 26 January 2006, the BBC’s not-notably-sceptical Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin organised a conference at BBC TV Centre called Climate Change – The Challenge To Broadcasting. (Hat tip: Nick Mabbs)

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6 thoughts on “I'd rather stick my hand in a bag of amphetamine-injected rattlesnakes than put my trust in tonight's BBC Panorama documentary on 'Global Warming'”

  1. The BBC is a scandalous organisation crammed with partial leftists and PC-warriors all intent on spitting out the propaganda of their pet causes and denigrating rational arguments against such.

    Whilst simultaneously bleeding the public purse to a huge degree. No doubt indulging in mutual sniggering sessions over the fact that the public is paying for their determination to brainwash them.

    In the words of King Edward VIII, “Something must be done”.

  2. James W

    What do you mean – partial ? They’re fully paid up libtards !

    Or they thought they were ‘fully paid up’; it’s nice to see that their Pension Scheme is crumbling too, as mine has, thanks to Broon’s pick-pocketing and Duncan-Dohnut’s
    £6,000+ mugging.

  3. Rudkin? Rudkin? Oh yes, wasn’t he the producer of two BBC programmes that ‘validated’ the NIST hypothesis that World Trade Centre 7 (Salamon building) collapsed spontaneously due to ‘fires’ without any additional assistance from demolition charges, an event reported by BBC World correspondent Jane Stanley a full 23 minutes before the event and with the aforementioned building still standing in the background?

    I think you will need to concede victory to the new science as espoused by the BBC; either that or you will have to view many more of that ilk for punishment.

  4. As someone who rarely bothers with the mainstream press, I was greatly heartened to hear your views on this Panorama programme.
    Occasionally, I watch iPlayer to see how low the standards on the BBC have become.
    I notice that Countryfile has been shifted to a primetime spot with many presenters and a focus on BS issues. Didn’t it use to come on at Sunday lunchtime featuring a man with a dog?

    That Simon whatshisname of Springwatch fame almost looks embarrassed when he has to read his global warming agenda scripts.
    A recent alarmist piece he did on the imminent disappearance of the Snow Hare due to global warming would have pleased the great Al Gore muchly.


  5. For those of you who are worried that the momentum from the AGW fraud will allow govts, (especially the US) to pass economically devastating legislation, or those who just like to wallow in “schadenfreude”, Al Gore is now being investigated for an attempted rape charge in my home town.

    The case was dropped in 2007 because the massage therapist, who unfortunately for Al was legit, did not show up for the hearings. It has now been reopened by the local police. Of course Fat Albert is protesting his innocence but the complainant has solid evidence she has saved including one of those nasty “stains” a la Monica on her clothes.
    She did not pursue the prosecution at the time …get this….because her liberal friends (we few conservatives call my city “The People’s Republic of Portland”) convinced her that if Al was taken down Global Warming would consume the world.

    Needless to say the MSM is doing their best to ignore this but it’s only a matter of time before they are forced to face the story. The local press is covering it big time because they were previously caught covering up stories about local Lib politicians.

  6. Well, Al Gore has done his best to rape tax payers and ordinary citizens everywhere for the past 20 years so why not rape his masseuse if he thinks he can get away with it. Being a sexual predator goes along with his delusions of grandeur, manipulating the media, general public and politicians and compulsive lying. He should be locked up.

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