Mother Gaia issues tearful plea to Al and Tipper Gore: 'I can't afford the cost of your divorce!'

Divorce is killing our planet. So claimed a 2007 study by Michigan State University which estimated that divorced couples around the world use 38 million more rooms than they would have done had they stayed together, as well as using 73 billion kilowatt-hours more of electricity and 627 billion gallons of water.

And that’s just if they’re normal people. Imagine how much more disastrous it would be, if they were as profligate as almost-billionaire carbon trader and creator of the ManBearPig religion Al Gore. Just one of his homes – the 20 room one in Nashville – is reckoned to consume about 20 times more electricity than the US national average. So that means that if – God forbid – Al Gore’s blubbery cuddliness, weird half-asleep voice and fascinating power point lectures should ever cease to delight his loving wife Tipper, the planet could well be facing an ecological disaster that makes the Louisiana oil tragedy look about as menacing as your neighbour’s barbecue.

But what’s this I hear? Noooooooooooo!

Surely it can’t be true? Al and Tipper the Burton/Taylor, the Antony/Cleopatra, nay the Pamela/Tommy Lee of the global ecological movement are to separate?

This is too awful. I am inconsolable. Please do not disturb me. Allow me to grieve in silence.

152 thoughts on “Mother Gaia issues tearful plea to Al and Tipper Gore: 'I can't afford the cost of your divorce!'”

  1. As I posted elsewhere maybe Al Gore has left his wife for Dr Pachauri they do spend a lot of time together and maybe Al’s passions we’re stirred by Pachauri’s soft core porn I mean romantic novel. Who knows where love may take Al.
    Or his wife got sick of him gallivanting across the world’s stages.

  2. Well things are either going well at DT blogs or really badly – seems to be taking an awfully long time!

  3. I have read Lovelocke’s books on Gaia, and it is an interesting theory, but if there is some truth in the Earth’s ecosystems acting like an organism that actively maintains conditiond on earth suitable for life there is a huge flaw in Lovelock’s grounds for panic. He does not understand his own theory, or more precisely, he does not understand Gaia. If Gaia is real she clearly depends hugely on the carbon cycle without which life would not exist.

    As carbon dioxide levels were far higher in the geologic past and temperatures did not follow these highs then we can conclude that of Gaia exists, she has mechanisms that maintain the earths temperature independantly of so called greenhouse gasses. It may even be that Gaia has brought about the human race and our industrial culture to enrich the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and thereby stimulate a blooming in plant and subsequently animal life on earth.

    No need to panic, James.

  4. J of Kent – Far too reasonable an analysis no doubt! And if there isn’t enough CO2 up pop a few volcanoes for good measure.

  5. yaosxx well it looks like things are going really badly it does not take about 24 hours to implement a fix, so it tells me they do not have a clue what to do. Sso they must have outsourced there software engineering and the outsource company employs monkeys who work for peanuts with the same grasp of coding.
    Plan one in my book would be to gray out the offending field in peoples profiles so nobody can make changes this buys you lots of time to rewrite your code and leave the servers up.
    Also why do they not use failover servers so when one is upgraded they can leave things up fine and dandy as if nothing is happening.
    Penalizing everyone for there mistake is just not on and if I was a DT blogger James D I would be complaining right now.

  6. Ok looks like they have implemented a new way to manage there comments with something called DISQUS now it becomes clearer and access is slowly being restored but they are not quite there yet. A prize goes to the first person to find a flaw and exploit it, which is getting banned.

  7. Crownarmourer – Well so far can’t get the system to work. The thing is with all those opportunities to edit your profile does that mean we’ll have the same person using other peoples usernames???

  8. Since I can not logon yet to take a look see not sure yet. It could be that someone could take your id before you can register on say disqus or facebook or twitter in my case got them covered, but if your quick enough.

  9. Actually I’ve posted (I think) registering with Disqus – but you can also register with Telegraph – though so far that doesn’t give you an opportunity to post – maybe they’re considering the flaw with that…

  10. Mack seems to be gone on disqusso that looks bad for the moment. I can’t get into the DT to see if I can still use Mack there,Looks like it is going to be a right coq up

  11. Bit miffed, can’t access DT blog but so be it.
    Cif is a doddle compared with DT blogs now, I see a sinister new reason to sign up or maybe I’m a little paranoid but I can see the hand of many dark forces behind the new accountability – I seem to remember the EU wanting a new accountability (worried about the power of blogosphere and how it derailed dopenhagen, it seriously tweaked their noses and they hated it – the EU politburo that is) and folk to register on blogs using full names ie, the “we know who you are approach”.
    Alack the gremlins have won the day, how Monbiot must be grinning.
    Have thought long and hard recently about buying the DT, it has gone so far to the left, I do not like Brogans line or input from the likes of Riddel or Lean/Gray and Collard/Binman on the blogs.
    I don’t subscribe (a monetary burden upon myself – some would call me an idiot, I like to go out and buy a paper!), I have bought the DT since …..many years ago, I am somewhat lost now but I shall remain a blogger on WUWT and EU referendum which are more suited to my point of view and of course I shall visit this blog, naturally.
    But DT blogs can go and stuff themselves, will miss RR, scud1, Walt, the Captain, Ozboy, Blackswan, TuB, LKL but not the crap, can go to Cif for that, if I’m feeling masochistic;>)
    Only three blogs worth reading anyway, JD’s, Warner’s and sometimes Hannan’s.

  12. The new disgust software has its use and I am sure we will all get the hang of it soon. I even got my old ID back and have a nice little avatar to boot. Not as friendly towards long conversations as before but you can set the darned thing to latest posts or most popular or whatever at the touch of a button.Even ducky is being civil ,but that won’t last too long I bet.
    You can sign up using any old name and then change your screen name to suit ,so lets give it a go.Moaning is of course fun and I am not suggesting that we give up that hobby.

  13. I heard that Gore’s divorce is cause Tipper was getting nappy-rash from all his bedwetting.

  14. The blog is now officially crap. There is just no continuity to it and all the hard work put into comments just evaporates. 🙁

  15. @Edward Longshanks says:
    June 4, 2010 at 8:36 am

    Ed, if you’re using IE8, turn on ‘compatability’ from the IE options.


  16. James the loss of the blog comments over the last 8 months is a travesty and unless DT revert to the previous wordpress system and recover the posts then the whole teamwork on Climategate is at risk

    This is not a trivial situation and now the whole new system has crashed in flames


  17. motm – I remember saying back in December “I hope someones makes this into a book before they burn the last library”……..too late.

  18. Hi gang, lets all have a glass of Goldings and re-group. I must drop back and post a note the we have set up home on JD’s lawn otherwise Walt and Amanda and others will think they are alone in the world.What a load of crap the DT bought,did they not see it in action first? or are they trying to sanitise the blogs and dumb them down?

  19. @pointman maybe we should have a cocktail party instead of beers? Bring in the ladies?
    what a pity all the posts were lost,some good thinking and lots of good references,all down the Swanney

  20. James can you get a back up of the blogs organised QUICKLY before they destroy the wordpress files.

    The backups can then be published in the same way as the original Climategate emails.

    Surely it even in the interests of DT to help with this


  21. Just posted this on the DT blog

    “Guys, I understand your frustration but posting one metre long posts isn’t helping. In point of fact, it’s shoved all the workarounds out of the magic 25 posts …”

    They’re doing the spammers job for them.


  22. Kinnel JD!

    Moderation City man!

    Eh up Y’all…

    The Tele has Died….

    Long Live the er….. Internet?

  23. Pointman says:
    June 4, 2010 at 12:12 pm
    Pointy, I will not use IE if I can help it, I use Firefox.
    I do have pop up blockers etc, I could probably do something but I don’t really think I am that bothered, this arena suits me just fine!
    The whole new format does not gel, it is a load of bollocks……..and I can’t be arsed (as we say up north;>).
    Kind regards.

  24. Hi All

    I thought I’d drop in and encourage you all. This is just a test post but long live climate realists, sceptics and AGW dissenters and fast be the demise of greenie watermelons, trolls and moonbats!

    How the hell has it got to this?? All we were asking for was a system with better security – so they give us an even worse system!! What James has here is rather good – nice print good layout – why don’t you show them at DT how it’s done JD?
    I’ve been posting my comments to Kate Day at My Telegraph:
    There it’s currently showing 26 posts out of 42…

  26. Besides, JD gets the traffic, that is better all round, my beef is with the DT and the blogs thing has bought it into sharp focus.
    It smacks of Nu-lav policy, using a sledge hammer to crack a nut (or bunch of moonbat nuts).
    There is one problem on the horizon, if we come over here will the harlots??

  27. @manonthemoor June 4, 2010 at 12:15 pm
    I have long retained and treasured a direct link on the Telegraph website to the Inaugural Al Gore Prize Poetry Competition — surely one of the all-time classics of JD’s oeuvre.

    Today, I find that all the comments have gone. All those witty inventions by the competitors have disappeared.

    What a terrible loss.

  28. I have left a comment there too yaosxx but will the DT take notice? Its not the sort of incompetence that one expects to find at the DT ,its prolly down to the state the schools are in post-labour

  29. Mack – 1.19pm – I think someone has made a big mistake at the DT and their hoping if they ignore it, it might go away!

  30. Mack – 1.19pm – I think someone has made a big mistake at the DT and they’re hoping if they ignore it, it might go away!

  31. yaosxx says:
    June 4, 2010 at 1:12 pm
    Been there left two soiled nappies to wit
    ‘Monckton never claimed to be a scientist and whereas he has attributed his facts to the wrong sources he is essentially correct in all he says.He scares the hell out of Gore et al and for that we must be grateful.

    (Edited by a moderator)
    I also referred to Chivers a being yet another hack etc, they just can’t take it these upstarts

  32. I think the DT is trying to maximise revenue and stuff the bloggers, I too am upset over the loss of some pretty fine threads and posts over the recent months leading up to and past the Dopenhagen verbal diarrhoea fest.


    There’s a way to recover your favourite bits of delingpolia with the comments but you might have to hustle. An example:-

    I wrote that stages of the death of a belief system some time ago but had the text of it in a running word document I keep.

    I googled for the phrase “If you’re a climate scientist, look away now” (enclose the WHOLE phrase in quotes”

    Google will find the apppropriate JD blog but the comments will be gone.
    Don’t click on the link. Click on the ‘Cached’ link instead.


    I feel like I’m running out of the Great Library of Alexandria with handfulls of books while it’s burning down.


  34. ps. Once you’ve recovered the blog with comments, save it to your hard disk. Did I need to say that? WTH


  35. Mack says:
    June 4, 2010 at 1:41 pm
    Going sissy?
    It has gone PC, left of centre and downright insipid, the only reason I still take it is out of loyalty.
    I still enjoy Randall, Heffer and Johnson, crosswords, obits, foreign news (but can get better online of course) and the sport – Winter, Rory whathisname is a scouse lovin’ twerp tho’.
    But Riddel, LEAN!! **** me.

  36. “If the DT had not buggered up the blogs I could have directed you to Delongpole’s where all the matters were discussed and linked to. I have no intention of even trying to re-assemble the links but suffice to say that they refute all the claims made by bed-wetting alarmists.The science is still wide open and hopefully the DT will get some decent software which will allow the debate to continue. Meanwhile over at Delingpole’s website there is a re-grouping and after we all finish maoning about the DT the debate may well get going again.”
    My reply to Chivers

  37. @ Pointman – 1:05pm

    Apologies for the long posts.
    I was attempting a workaround of the missing after 25 messages malarkey.
    Frustration is perhaps too mild a description.
    The system used here seems calm and rational, and much easier on the eyes.
    Nice work finding the cached comments!

  38. @NoIdea, not a problem. Grab what you can – google won’t keep it cached for too long.


  39. Oooh, it’s nice here isn’t it? Do these comments get mirrored over on the DT pages or is this completely standalone? I have a completely different name here, though.

  40. The DT is now showing all the 484 comments on the disqus system again.
    A thank you to who ever fixed that problem.

  41. @Pointman June 4, 2010 at 1:45 pm
    Pointman, you’re a marvel.
    I’ve just found the Prize Poetry competition thread and saved a local copy, comments and all.
    Meanwhile, alas, the Great Library burns …

  42. My reply was edited!! So I have asked why we can’t say bugger any more,bet they cut that too. I hate to see tha type of bullying commnet as made by Chivers,it is more moonbats style

  43. NoIdea says:
    June 4, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    The DT is now showing all the 484 comments on the disqus system again.
    A thank you to who ever fixed that problem.


    When All Else Fails Read The F*****g Instructions

  44. yaosxx says:
    June 4, 2010 at 1:55 pm
    They snipped bits out where i told Wotsisname what I felt about hacks 🙂
    I lived with a hackette for many years and some of her colleagues thought that they were OscarBloodyWilde and had his gift for words.Anyway lots of others have descended on him and he has had a bit of a mauling.

  45. Mack – In his replies Chivers gives away little snippets of himself – all the poor guy manages to prove is what a total shmuck he is! He actually admits that his phd (which was aborted (?) was on the reporting of climate change in the media!!! He’s commented on how people keep calling him Tim by mistake – I reckon it’s deliberate – rhymes with DIM!

  46. I’ve read Chivers piece, everyone’s entitled to his opinion, he should remind himself that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, wit? An attribute very much lacking in the character of Mr. Chivers.
    Reminds me of dear Will (Heaven), he thrust his toe into the water and it was scalded quite nicely, he has never returned to the fray, be warned Mr. Chivers.

  47. Edward Longshanks,I agree with you on Chivers , he took a few cheap shots at Monckton and it was distasteful [on the other hand I feel that we must abuse ducky as much as we can 🙂 ] Lord Monckton is a brilliant man and is wonderful in debates with warmist bedwetters and with stupid politicians etc.He is well versed although not a scientist has skills at putting the anti-AGW case across and is probably a more well rounded person than his critics will ever be

  48. AGW is a scientific, intellectual, political, financial and moral scam. The climate has been changing for millions upon millions of years.

    The IPCC is the biggest perpetrator of scientific fraud that the world has ever seen.

    Individuals and organizations involved in this fraud should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Civil suits should be filed to recover grant money and subsidies given to individuals and organizations participating in the fraud.

    Now is not the time to let up !

  49. Remember what was on the front page of the first James Bond novel, “Casino Royale” ?
    “Once is happenstance.
    Twice is coincidence.
    The third time is enemy action.”

    Are the deaths of the comments section in each DT blog “enemy action” ?

    Amerloque 100604 19h33 Paris/CET time

  50. I have checked Booker’s blogs on the DT – and ALL the old comments have disappeared from EVERY article.

    When one thinks of the thousands of man (and woman !) hours that readers spent researching, constructing and typing in useful/humorous entries … when one thinks that the vast majority of comments were entered in good faith, with a genuine desire to inform, comment and/or entertain … when one thinks that one of the more serious (dangerous ?) MSM rebuttals of AGW (Delingpole, Booker) have been destroyed ….

    … the mind boggles.

    I’ve just checked the finance blogs, several of which I follow (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is particularly good) …

    … the same thing has happened.

    What a waste of reader energies, enthusiasm, and skills !

    Has the DT become just like the brainwashing media – NYT, Guardian, Time and suchlike ?

  51. amerloque says: June 4, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Hi Amerloque. Comment ca va? There’s a way to save your favourite blogs with their comments. Scroll back through this blog using ‘previous’.


  52. @Pointman June 4, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Good thinking pointy. I’m going back to Google cache too. An awful lot of effort on the part of all of us seems about to go down the gurgler.

  53. Hi Pointman —

    ///Hi Amerloque. Comment ca va?///

    Pas trop mal du tout pour un vendredi soir ici à Paris ! (sourire)

    ///There’s a way to save your favourite blogs with their comments. Scroll back through this blog using ‘previous’.///

    Yes, I saw your suggestion. Bravo and thanks !

    I was thinking that one of those sites that caches by month might be good, too. There was “memoryhole” for all those CIA and FOI documents but the DT blogs are not ones they’d be saving … there was another site that caches by day and month, but I can’t remember the name … something like “” …

  54. “It is proof of a base and low mind for one to wish to think with the masses or majority, merely because the majority is the majority. Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people.”
    Giordano Bruno

  55. Hi Pointman —
    /// amerloque, do you get the feeling that this is the first time anyone’s ‘upgraded’ to Disqus? ///

    Yup. (grin)

    Not all “progress” is well and truly progress

  56. Bruno was well ahead of the game. ‘Concensus’ science would have received short shrift. One wonders why it doesn’t nowadays …


    On the cache stuff, it’s strictly smash and grab your favourite ‘pullets’. Bonne chance mon ami.

  57. There is some discussion of the DT format change being purposeful to wreck James’ blog. I agree that if it isn’t tweaked it will have that effect. But have I missed something: what makes posters think the format change was directed towards James?

    The DT completely changed the format last year, and the blog sites afterwards had the tag “beta,” meaning it wasn’t necessarily the final product. And the change is across all the blogs. That is a big and expensive change just for one blog.

    Do others know something specific that makes them think the change was directed at /because of James’ blog?

    There was also a comment about charging for the blogs. I don’t think there are enough posters across the DT blogs to make that a profitable proposition, but there might well be enough readers. I have thought for a long time that the DT has set up something where it would be easy to convert to a subscription site. But I don’t know whether that works right now as an economic model. People don’t expect to pay for blogs, and I don’t think large numbers would at this point.

  58. Good evening James,
    Always meant to dip in here but the DT always just seemed to take over, now…..well fings is a bit different.
    I know you are a very busy bloke and are unable to enter into Tete a tetes with individuals, but can I ask? – do you sometimes reply to posts on this blog?
    If so can I very politely;>) ask, some vexing posers.

    What is the feeling amongst the DT blog journo’s re the changes, were you lot even consulted?

    Traffic is obviously down, will this have any effect on the DT site – ie replacing of new system?

    If you have tried new system? and if you have, are you aware of difficulties of following, loading and making comments on the threads?

    Do you think Georgi is laughing his (MOON) butt off?

    Regards, Ed.

  59. My comment above about the purpose of DT format change is awaiting moderation. There is nothing profane or tr*ll-like in it. Also no links. Any ideas as to what would trigger moderation?

  60. Tom Chiver is also deleting posts [innocent Latin] so one can only assume the free-range is over……I hope I’m wrong.
    JD I hope you have a solid server……we may be here some time.

    “He is blind that does not see the Sun, foolish who does not recognize it, ungrateful who is not thankful unto it, since so great is the light, so great the good, so great the benefit, through which it glows, through which it excels, through which it serves, the teacher of the senses, the father of substances, the author of life.”

    Spacio de la bestia trionfante.

  61. Well the next posting on the DT sucks badly designed by people with attention deficit disorder on acid.

  62. More posts deleted from the DT,it has become sissified and is being run by trolls by the looks of things. Assholes could have made their new rules clear .It can’t all be down to software glitches. If there is censorship then it is sad the the DT has become so.

  63. James, your latest blog now has ZERO comments……20:20pm Friday 4th June.

    Truly the only free press is the one you own.

  64. Pointman

    I have some old threads bookmarked. I can get to the threads – but it appears that most of the comments are not there. I hope that is temporary.

  65. Deleted comments well you were never able to say anything about the catholic church, islam or gay people even in jest. One of the moderators haunts the day shift and I assume is frigid, puritanical and PC to the hilt a total nazi when it came to comments.

  66. “So the blogs are being moderated,fine if it is to remove the coarse language used by the great unwashed but will this moderation allow us to express contempt for those who would promote islamic behaviour and values ? Or other beliefs which run contrary to those held by the majority? ” I wonder if this one will go west too?

    Crown said “One of the moderators haunts the day shift and I assume is frigid, puritanical and PC to the hilt a total nazi when it came to comments.”
    So if there is a moderator imposing its own beliefs during the day then we have to wait until night to have free speech? If the DY falls to this crap then it looks like things are going to have to move to a different level ?

  67. Yep you have to wait until night fall, I had comments deleted about gay people made in jest, I reposted them later and they stayed. Although you can slag off Israel as much as you want, I already have a profile of the moderator involved non indigenous and a gay muslim but I could be wrong.
    I believe in free speech I just hate it when things get childish and turn into a name calling fest but thats free speech for you I have to tolerate it.

  68. Mack as my management say well forget about past mistakes (their’s) and lets focus on the future, which is management speak shut the f*ck up and don’t think and for f*cks sake you will be fired for pointing out poor management decisions.

  69. Crown, roger that. I retire finally in a few weeks and have turned the guns on the barstewards and roasted a few b*tts in the past few weeks. I came out of retirement for family reasons and found myself dealing with some real nutters. Wrote it all down and boy am I having fun,I guess I might manage to give a few breakdowns very soon so I hope they have their Valium ready LOL

  70. msher says: June 4, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    I posted earlier about how to save copies of each blog entry and its comments.


  71. Pointman,I have been copying and saving my posts all day ,well any that I think may be a problem ,and there is a whiff of Moonbat on the DT site . Its not good,maybe the DT is being directed from Dave’s office?

  72. While JD’s blog was having the drains up I visited the Guardian for some fun (perverse I know). I got away with it most of the evening but then some of my posts began to disappear. I then posted the following:-

    How strange. I wonder why that comment was censored – sorry I meant ‘moderated’. It was a polite enquiry to another poster who happens to use the phrase “Peace and Love” at the end of each post as does another poster but under another name in the blogosphere. Why’s the word ‘moderated’ being used rather than censored. My feelings won’t be hurt if my post has been censored for immoderate language or content. Is it a spin thing? Of course it is. It’s my fault for being ‘immoderate’ rather than the censors fault for ‘censoring’.

    I wonder why? I suppose there’s the central problem – I’m beginning to wonder why. After a while one begins to express oneself in such a way as to avoid the attention of the internet God of ‘moderation’. The first flagstone to conformity on this bastion of freedom of expression called the internet. “Sleepwalking into the surveillance society …”
    I believe it was Walter Cronkite who observed that of all the kinds of censorship, the most pernicious is self-censorship.


    There was a pause, they were obviously considering what to do – then ALL my posts disappeared and I found I couldn’t post at all!

    Straw poll – who’s had posts ‘moderated’ today on the DT?


  73. colliemum 1 hour ago (what a useless timestamp) just got a video link censored on the DT.


  74. Pointman says: 8:56 – excellent post.

    I’ve had 3 dissapear……all without ANY language whatsoever…….DTs balls firmly in new drawer I fear……sad day.

    So….as time allows I’m going to trawl what happens from now on & stick it in my own space here:

  75. Damn generous offer Orkney and I can see you moved quick on your feet to set it up. Thank you. If the blog software at the DT stays in Beta testing and censorship is now the order of the day, I’ll have to move my musings somewhere else. After experiencing the Guardian blogs, you can see how the old DT ones, while perhaps being gladiator schools, were miles ahead in intelligence, expertise, clarity of expression and, dare I say it, ferocity.

    In the interim, I’ll post here, though if we all decamp here, I’m not sure that whatever James is paying for bandwidth will cover it. If everyone moves here, and he gets industrial size hits, perhaps JD can move it up from a web ‘presence’ to something more commercial.


    I love the sound of Merlins too. Unmistakable.

  76. I was thinking the exact same Pointman, can this site cope with major traffic?
    Probably not………. but I prefer this type of format.
    Musing aloud WUWT has a massive traffic in terms of numbers and a decent site, recently updated and is much simpler and easy to use, why didn’t the Torygraph take a note out of Mr. Watts book?
    What a shame, is the DT site really being moderated?
    Cif is (heavily moderated by moonbats creatures of the night) and I have been deleted many, many times but I do try to be polite……. if a ‘tad’ scathing of the posters (some not all) on their site.
    The Barclay Brothers have hijacked the DT and turned it into a sister paper of the Grauniad perfect for cast irons ‘new politics’ of muddle-middle and diddle or playing trouser marbles with the libdims.

  77. Hi Ed. I looked into ‘moderation’ at the Guardian via their links. Interesting reading. Looks like it’s done by volunteer non-staffers. I think it’s being censored precisely as Wikipedia was. As one of my nieces observed, the problem with climate change is; there is no debate and their censor ‘team’ make bloody sure there isn’t.

    Nothing I posted there contravened their rules. It was just a bit too knowledgable and funny (though I say it myself) for them to handle. Better to erase me completely like “tears in the rain”


  78. Never looked into the mod’s at WUWT but they are on the ball, if you want to argue science they’ll never stop you, I sometimes like to be more eclectic in my arguments but will always resort at last in science.
    Pointy this is all a bit annoying but the way of things I am afraid.
    I agree completely, the DT blogs are more fun because of the arguments and comments are more fun and more witty and made by on the whole brighter people, modesty prevents my inclusion into this esteemed company but I love the craic.
    How are your fruit trees doing? – I think you really pissed off the Captain the other day when we were talking about apple crumble…… and custard mmmmmm.
    regards, Ed.

  79. @Ed.

    Agreed, the craic there was good but while I’m sure they’ll sort out the software, the new censorship regime has killed it. We all went off the reservation at times but you seriously had to be bloodywell trying to get zapped.

    At their worst, they were trench warfare, at their best, they were a joy. witty, intelligent and informative with a fair amount of familial bickering. I’m still bitter and twisted about the brutalisation of my apple crumble.

    WUWT I occasionally post there but it’s so serious. It needs to lighten up but it’s got its own tone – no music videos for starters.

    My apples are having a great year, as are my pears and plums. The vines are terrible. One of them looks almost naked from the foliage viewpoint.


  80. Pointman,

    It is true that the links to music do really excite memories and bring a certain joy to proceedings.
    Wonder what Blackswan thinks, he went walkabout (literally) and came returned to chaos….can we blame him?;>)))
    Yes some of the time, it did become a little mad, err…..heated but that was all to the good, if you can’t stand the heat…… .
    We used to play a very rough type of five-a-side at school, it was against your class-mates form chums and same year other forms. Some of us played for the School 1st XI but when we played five-a-side (agin each other) it was open warfare, health and safety would have banned it, we all kicked s**t out of each other but we were the best of mates after (apart from sometimes arguing the scores;>) /who kicked who), same with the blogs.
    I do rather admire RRs patience, he is a stalwart, LKL is so crude but funny with it, Walt is an absolute hoot and your good self too, I love Tub’s links he is so quick Scud! is great too and the Captain is the most intelligent bloke, it’s frightening ……..AND……..If anyone wants to have a go at your apple crumble…he will have to step past Ed first!
    Not forgetting our most esteemed people I’ve missed, God!…. Ozboy and Manonthemoor… gulp.

    Gonna have a coffee and retire,
    Kindest regards (and big respect) Pointy! Ed.

  81. Well been trying to get moderated but been slipping under the radar with some of my comments, managed to get one in about women with big chests which usually get removed.
    Can’t believe they moderated colliemum she never says anything offensive.

  82. Greetings, gang. This is certainly a more hospitable venue.

    Had a bit of a run-in with an aliased pointman at another e-mail address which I knew was such who also was a chap named Joachim and BNP and grocorr and possibly also John Chuckman (mulemolester, jackthesmilingblack, John Standing, johnthebearcub, etc., etc. Just Gargle John Chuckman. He makes leon trotsky look sane), plus he also aliased or was Mack, or pointman, or the Sta-Puf Marshmallow Man from “Ghostbusters.” I think I spooked the guy with my subtle repartee. Another scared person running out of money angry because they are banned from the DT for being unpleasant. According to him/it/them, they have “gone active,” whatever that means LOL! If they can trundle their white arse into my neighborhood in a rental car and not lose the antennae and all four wheels, I will but them the coffee and the gun to shoot me with.

    Having communed with Zool (remember Sigourney Weaver in the tiny red cocktail dress?) my latest little friend from the local Hispanic community, have you folks any objections to my taking a break for a few weeks to sort out the next step, please?

    A. We are not getting the job done to the extent needed. Obama is doing incrementally the Chavez bit to the chemical engineering, petroleum and natural gas, and electric utility industry because—surprise!—we are running out of money as a country.

    B. AGW is how the mechanics of the Chavez option is being implemented, as has been explained in depth by captainsherlock, and which the Administration is straight up about. So is the EU going to use AGW to cover their profligacy, as Rowena Mason pointed out.

    C. This is eating up too much of my summer playtime and (more importantly) worktime. I’ve got lots of prep for the Canadian project promotion to address on the biomass/coal plants for sawmill burner retrofits (which will halve emissions if they switch to half coal; doesn’t seem intuitive, but there it is).

    D. I am still in shock at 6 months of work going down the tube. It has been the Battle of the Somme July 1916 since November, and all that is gone. Just how sober-minded is the intent of this blog? Do we want to achieve anything with it, please?

    Just some things to think about.

    I also supremely welcome to what use James can explain he may or may not make of our posts at some time in the future. I’ve not intention of demanding the right to edit what was provided, as I fully read the terms and conditions of the DT blogspace, which I really haven’t any enthusiasm for re-entering, as it is now officially been transformed into Wimmins World News as opposed to a neutral publication with no leftist orientations. It IS a leftwing paper now, just as is King Ca-Moron the Last. (I like Vince Cable, though; he is the best hope for killing the AGW instant bankruptcy strategy).

    It is perfectly okay that JD do that which he so chooses with prior posting. That is a legal fact now. It is not perfectly okay if he so chooses to lambaste without personal regard for the very folks who made of his blog a success until now. We all presently now through empirical research that we are arseholes. Most of us are men. That’s our job and mission in life. We do not need this under-scored beyond the limits of what is required for a good larf. I guess what I am sayin gis that the same rules as applies to a conversation held in a traditional smoking and no-music warm-ale British pub a la 1985 ought to apply in any future treatment of our (in many instances) very hard work in print. Attributions are not necessary except nicknames, if needed. I do not need to proof what goes into print.

    It would also be a great tragedy if what we wrote over six months did NOT go into print.

    PS: you may also use what I posted as illustrations, including the copyrighted stuff, if you wish.

    I hate the social networking arsebook/tweeter/lala-googoo format of the new DT blog, and the martians that have plugged in their twits and twerps and whatevers into the DT blog already. Don’t like it at all. Makes us look stoopid and non-linear, as if we were DT employees. If the DT pays, I’ll take all the abuse they dish out.

    I know the advertisers hated our earlier postings, as many of the advertisers we inadvertently ripped strips off LOL! This new format is to end that sort of thing apparently. It’s their newspaper.

    Anyway, I need to log off for a bit. I’ll be back, certainly.

  83. It’s clear now that the DT blogs have suffered a catastrophe, one from which they will probably never recover.

    Like many (?) of us here, I’ve been following Christopher Booker’s posts. The comments sections contained invaluable links, discussions, and insights into supposed AGW.

    I have checked Booker’s blogs – and ALL the old comments have disappeared from EVERY article.

    When one thinks of the thousands of man (and woman !) hours that readers spent researching, constructing and typing in useful/humorous entries … when one thinks that the vast majority of comments were entered in good faith, with a genuine desire to inform, comment and/or entertain … when one thinks that one of the more serious (dangerous ?) MSM rebuttals of AGW (Delingpole, Booker) have been destroyed ….

    … the mind boggles.

    I’ve just checked the finance blogs, several of which I follow (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is particularly good) …

    … the same thing has happened.

    What a waste of reader energies, enthusiasm, and skills !

    Has the DT become just like the brainwashing media – NYT, Guardian, Time and suchlike ?

    I probably won’t be participating here any more. It was a nice experience while it lasted !

    Amerloque 20100605 09h54 Paris/CET time

  84. The previous post was referring to the DT blog, not JD’s personal blog !
    Will be partcipating here, probably …

    Amerloque 20100605 09h54 Paris/CET time

  85. I have posted these lyrics in another world. Now more than ever, they seem beyond prophetic. This captures the essence of the moment.
    (written by Mark Giltrow RIP)

    History waits, history has to wait
    For a reprieve, Intransigent.
    Now we believe, some unsolved mystery
    Taken to be, an accident.
    Years they proceed, truths unexpectedly
    Lost in degrees, Inside of me
    Time must erase, Fact as objectively
    Only existing in conscience subjectively.
    Taking my dreams,
    Taking my victory’s
    Changing my view of the world inconsistently
    Falling away, values of yesterday
    I am consumed by a dangerous apathy
    History fades, history has to fade
    Taking our fears and our pain and our misery
    Something remains, something has got to stay
    Learning the lesson, the name of our enemy.

    Everybody’s waiting
    Anticipating hating the end
    Like no one can change it
    No-one undertaking
    Recovering or making the trend
    We’re lost and outdated
    Learned but ignoring
    Our history is falling
    Disjointed and faded
    The fantasy is leaving
    Our paradise receding

    Factory states
    Corporate murder rates
    Factual fakes
    Tactical overtakes
    Natural aches
    Naturally alternate
    Making us take
    Enough to intoxicate
    If we conceive
    To choose this intentionally
    Even by choosing
    They’ve broken us mentally
    Something’s astray
    Something from yesterday
    Taking and forming
    The shape of our destiny

    Repeat Chorus

    These are a dead mans words
    Read them and weep
    Rest in peace
    Old friend of mine
    Your lyrical beauty
    Stands tall and proud
    The Truth shall be heard
    Now is not the time to let up!
    Climate reality must be recognized.
    I AM consumed by a dangerous apathy
    They may have taken our dreams
    They may have taken our victories
    They can NEVER steal our future
    We have them running scared and loathing
    Desperate times call for desperate measures
    The vile behavior of the dark side has been exposed
    They have confirmed the panic and fear that define them
    We are not desperate; we have the truth with us
    We ARE disparate (that which cannot be compared)
    The battle was won, but has now just begun
    Learning the lesson, the name of our enemy
    Our enemy is ignorance, lies and deceit, vileness defined
    Something remains, something has got to stay
    We have all leant much about depravity and the depths to which a troll can fall
    We stand tall and straight with heads held high, for surely it was not us that was defiled
    What do they have left?


  86. Walt O’Brien yes the new format is a complete eff up maybe deliberately so no doubt designed by artistic types. It’s pissed off a lot of us.
    Call me Dave and pals are pro AGW as no doubt they smell money so a quick call to his buddies on the DT as to how to quell dissent may have been in order.
    As for wasting sawdust I’m horrified it’s good for pulp, the only byproduct that should be left for buining is black liquor and we use that in our boilers. Nothing goes to waste literally.

  87. — crownarmourer

    /// Walt O’Brien yes the new format is a complete eff up maybe deliberately so no doubt designed by artistic types. It’s pissed off a lot of us.
    Call me Dave and pals are pro AGW as no doubt they smell money so a quick call to his buddies on the DT as to how to quell dissent may have been in order. ///

    My immediate feeling is/was that some AGW honcho(s) sent around the baliff(s) with a “cease and desist”. That’s what usually happens over here !

    Under the guise of “improvement” the DT has managed to “lose” all the old messages … and the baliff(s) probably smiled, said ‘good move !’ and went back to hassling a homeowner behind on the mortgage … (sigh)

  88. Hello, fellow refugees.

    I wonder just what has been going on with the DT.
    Did anybody notice this back in March?

    Now I read a while back about the Evangelical Environment Network.
    Here are their “partners”:

    I many not be captainsherlock but I can join the dots…

    A very sad state of affairs – I notice Domininc Broghan has zero comments on anything he’s written. He’s Deputy Editor ffs. Is he happy? Is there anything he could do even if he wanted to? More to the point, where do we go from here?

  89. To those of you who may have my email address, please don’t use it for a while. I have a problem to investigate with it.


    @Walt – I’ll be in touch

  90. Join the dots indeed Billy, has there ever been a time when our leaders have been so corrupt and bare-faced with it? They don’t even bother to pretend to be straight any more.

  91. These folks are dirty pointman, I have not given much detail of my present location after having some bother a few years back with an animal rights group. I will be on the move again soon to a more fortified position from which I will have a clear line of fire and hope to acquire some heavy cartridges !!

  92. Mack

    “Fortified postion.”

    “Clear line of fire.”

    “Hea vy cartridges.”


    Is that literal or metaphorical? I assume you haven’t just revealed yourself to be a real sniper who is going to acquire targets. What is the metaphor?



    I am not able to connect dots. The DT is partnering with an AGW advocacy group with respect to something apparently humanitarian they are doing for children in Sierra Leone. There is nothing that says the DT is going to support the AGW advocacy part of the group’s activities.

    This hardly seems like an unusual partnerhsip.

    Why is that connected to their blog format?

  93. Scousebilly: Welcome to my world. I hate digging up corpses, but when I worked as a military policeman in several developing countries groups such as were the main mess-makers of things, and they still are. They keep stat’s and collect names of addresses of people in these countries based on their religious affiliations then get upset when the locals start unloading into them. Ask yourself how you would react if muslims or communists were keeping lists of those who did not follow their causes and who did.

    I’m not actually very much worried about big money people messing things up. They just want to make sure their cheques clear, and the rest they could care less about, which is as it should be. It is the pack of sky pilots of all persuasions, but mostly evangelicals, who are the effing meddlers in other people’s lives globally.

    Yes, we did catch lots of missionaries running drugs and weapons. Yes, we did shoot a lot of those bar stewards. Yes, I feel very warm and fuzzy about having done so. Do I think how the West deals with its own religions has changed since the days of the Medicis and Savanarola? Only in that protestants and catholics and the flying saucer cults are all now one of a piece in spreading their particular form of sheer hell on earth, doing what they think Jews do, which Jews don’t (Jews are really big on leaving others alone because they know better than most where bullying others leads to, as they have been on the receiving end of that crap for 2,000 years. There aren’t Jewish telethons and evangelical Jews. The very idea is laughable in the extreme).

    If you think I am being extremist, I have an excel spreadsheet the Joshua Project turds have compiled by country and investigator which provides stats on percentages of population’s religions and the like. It would be my pleasure to post it.

    Pointy, who were trolls screwing around at the DT are all ISM and PETA maniacs affiliated through the various green groups with National Lawyers’ Guild type boneheads managing the pursestrings, just like back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and they are the same bar stewards, playing the game because it is more fun than dodgeball and splatball tag. Nothing has changed at all since 1968 except the new players are not weapons-capable nor are they sufficiently athletic to run a good field op. That’s why they aren’t really policed properly. They aren’t really a threat, they are tangential and superfluous. Government has already taken the decision to finance their debt —again— but this time using AGW as the framework for kiting cheques for another generation out to pay down.

    Amerlogue is right about who killed the effing DT blogspace. We cost those folks ad revenues and political sponsorship, so they are over-compensating.

    Also, guys don’t buy based on ad’s. This has been a fact since the first advertisement ever ran in any medium. Women do. The DT don’t need or want us there. We have been effectively screwing with that big dog’s doggie dish, so they are snapping at us.

    I still want to hear, please, from anyone who thinks there is a way to get our word out better. I’d not realised there were so many counter-blogs to the Goofrey Lean arseholes out on the Net, though LOL! I think there’s hope for the sane, it’s just everyone has to go broke first for anything to get done positively.

  94. @msher

    There were never that many trolls, just one who used a simple vulnerability in wordpress which enable them to instantaneously change the name attributed to each post they made. That’s how one troll could look like an invasion of several individuals. I was following the backtrail by combing through the old blogs until the DT lost the lot. One wonders how long it had been going on. Some time II think.


    Don’t use my email until I secure it. That’s going to happen and I’ll let you know when it’s done.


    “Getting the word out”

    I think we’ve options;-

    1) Stick with the DT but roll back the censorship.
    2) If we can’t do 1) then we should find a new venue.

    James does the kick off article for each blog but it’s the comments that attract the readership. Given we can find an alternative venue, there’s no reason we can’t comment on each blog as it appears.

    Your thoughts folks?


  95. Hi, msher. Scousebilly wasn’t connecting dots as if he were yet another conspiracy theorist. You have only to read these groups’ literature and they will tell you up front what they are up to. The connection to this blog is that church organizations’ pension funds are intensely invested in the AGW and environmental movements. The churches and the investment funds themselves are very up front about this.

    If you’ve not ever been in a developing country and seen the dynamic between missionary aid organizations, the local governments, and the people themselves in the developing countries, I can only tell you that Joseph Conrad of all novelists got the dynamic most right, with the qualifier that the people in developing countries do not, for the most part, like sky pilots effing with their personal finances and lives and demanding tithes and/or volunteer labour and missionaries demanding sex, pushing drugs and the rest of the sources of the true downfall of the British Empire: missionaries to the colonies.

    AGW is missioning the West if you really look at the dynamic LOL! Scousebilly is spot on.

    I don’t get Mack’s weapon references either, but I assume they are symbolic. I pay taxes and get police in return. That’s all the firepower I need now. It was different overseas when I was part of the firepower-on-demand LOL! He’s right in that PETA is one of the most physically dangerous of all the current terrorist groups. They’ve killed lots more people than simply running them down with the autogyros (if that fellow who was murdered was the Jerome family fellow I am thinking about, that was a direct relative of Winnie’s clan who went into the autogyro’s blades). You might check out a firm who specializes in hunting PETA’s killer types down. Their management are good friends of mine.

  96. msher I think if you type in the word m ode rator it automatically flags you. Even here on James D’s own blog.

    Anybody any other sites other than the DT are good for blogging on AGW other than WUWT and here.

  97. Walt is right, the DT do not want serious debate on AGW, the want fairly innocuous and vapid ‘twitterers’ who are not into, in depth ranting discourse and fierce debating.
    I do not even take note of the ads, they are a waste of space to me.
    The DT blog site is not desirous of our presence, the whole site is anathema to me now.
    Rebel without a blog site.
    Crown asks if there are equivalent suitable sites, I do know many blogs which allow a pretty fiery thread, not sure though if they would be too pleased to allow us regular access.
    Marc Morano is always up for a little controversy, wonder if he would put up with a blog full of DT exiles? – But his site is not a blogging arena, I think.
    Feeling lonely but rebellious, starting to abhor the DT PC/lefty Dave supporting/EU friendly/Libdim coalition fan-base.
    I have often thought that Mr. G. Warner maybe will be asked to move on, as I have said before, Warner and JD are the reasons I blogged on the DT, I did hit other sites but mainly to spread scorn esp Lean’s- guff-eco-loony-site/blog, Norman was always worth a read and so was Danny, wish Norman would have been a little more outspoken on matters EU and others when in power…….but I still believe he was one of the good guys.

  98. I’ve a Website called TransActions Magazine which has seen various incarnations. At the moment, it is a sort of compendium for engineering types for data on non-insane methods of meeting emissions standards while not running your utility broke.

    If I were running an online Oxford Union debate on AGW of the sort not even the Oxford Union has the guts to hold anymore (they would lose their government grants and MicroSoft sponsorship if they did) I would be a completely annoying piggy-wiggy border copper about it and demand people provide a 600 dpi scan of their passport (or alternatively, a 600 dpi scan of their passport) in order to hold an account with comment privileges. Plus current landline phone number, plus three references with telephone numbers, etc., etc. just like an HR department. Simples.

    To do something like this as well requires some form of liability insurance, etc., etc., against litigious tw*ts with nothing better to do than to sue freestanding folks out of existence. I’ve the litle pals to craft the software solution to ignoramus account maskers and aliasing, etc., etc., so no fear on that front. There is an entire category of newspaper insurance which covers this. ‘Opefully, it is not too dear.

    Someone mentioned OpenScript.

    Anyway, that’s the best I can think of . The last thing I need right now is another full time job. I already have 2, thanks LOL!

  99. Guys and Gals,

    the debate seems to be moving to which site. Not sure we’ve lost the DT but if we have, there are a number of options.

    The cheeky option is to land on a lightly if at all moderated site and discuss the post. We stick a link on DT’s blog and just bloody well do it. I think of it as the flash or “blag-a-blog” option. At least, we’ll be giving them some hits. Imagine Grocott’s face if we decided to use his blog …

    The next one is to find a site who’d like the hits. If they get lots, they get the ad revenue and we still get to kick AGW into touch.

    The next one is we strike out on our own.

    Your thoughts?


  100. Erm, my recent posting got moderated OFF this blogspace. LOL! Why it is that blog moderators ask questions to probe yet presume no one else in the Universe does is exactly the same reason this generation is arrogant enough to think they can foist yet another generation’s debts on to the next using risibly fraudulent schemes without unnecessary suffering. Everyone is middle, middle-middle class, so we can do anything we want to anyone at any time.

    In any event, my best guess is that JD, a droll fellow with two daughters and no doubt a very impatient wife with an equally odd sense of humour, was and is the various personae of trolls for his very own blogs, which is and was interesting and useful for all concerned and a typically cunning way to stay employed while sorting out who might possibly be a threat to the present generation of buy-to-let moochies and stock coupon-clipping fugitives from the British equivalent of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel which author, like Michael Unmanned, is also from Minnesota. If such was the case, I shall never know, I’m sure.

    Drinks all round.

  101. Happy D-Day as well. Hadn’t noticed there was any mention in the DT of this, but then I don’t think at this point in history that conflict was won. Any advantage the West may have got from winning that conflict is entirely lost now, is it not?

  102. I can log in fine over at DT, but it forgets that little fact immediately when I navigate to the actual article. Which rather defeats the point. There is or should be an opening for webmaster over there.

  103. @Brian – don’t apply for the job, I suspect it’s a bit fraught at the moment. The software has a connection ‘session’ problem. Log in and keep clicking on the particular blog’s link. Eventually it’ll realise you’re logged in and you’ll be able to post. Good luck.


  104. The landings commenced on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 (D-Day), beginning at 6:30 AM British Double Summer Time (UTC+2).
    We are a day early well not now but it is still the 5th here.

  105. Pointman says:
    June 6, 2010 at 1:24 am

    You okay Walt?

    Well, no, actually. I am working on a potion with my Haitian friends from this apartment building where I live to bring Derrick Bird back as a zombie, then send him over to the DT’s IT section to pay a courtesy visit to Kate Day LOL!

    I tallied it up and I have been blogging at the effing newspaper for more than a decade now. I think my first post with them was around 1997 or so. They can stuff it up their brains.

    Maybe I should get a T-shirt made saying “I wasted ten years of my life blogging at the Daily Telegraph and I didn’t even get this effing T-shirt, I had to buy this, too.” LOL!

    If changing blogging methods was your idea, JD, if you think Normandy was a tough show, you just wait until my next visit to London, buddy. It won’t be hands across the water, it will be a knuckle sandwich the size of New Joisey!

  106. If the Delingpole girls are reading this, I will buy you both an ice cream cone if you cut all of Daddy’s shirts in half with a pair of scissors. I promise!

  107. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    — Arthur Schopenhauer

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”
    — Sun Tzu

    “It is proof of a base and low mind for one to wish to think with the masses or majority, merely because the majority is the majority. Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people.”
    — Giordano Bruno

  108. @amerloque:

    Do you know what Giordano Bruno’s last words were? “What’s with the barbecue lighter fluid? Yaaaaagh!” They burned him at the stake.

  109. On topic, I have seen at least three couples in their 50’s and and one in their early 60’s go Splitsville, and in all instances it was a conscious and planned effort to cut their effing tax bills in half. All of these were twin-earner households with the kids gone.

    Also, all of them had two or three significant others apiece (other divorcees LOL!) where they had a thing going.

    My craziest friends are all Quebecois, which is predictable if you have ever been there. How crazy? Claude, an engineer specializing in re-routing urban commuter traffic during highway construction (which sounds like the job from Hell, and it is, but he doesn’t care, he’s French, pointless suicide for pointless causes is the national religion globally for Francophones), is divorced three times, on his fourth marriage, he still boffs all prior mates, a couple of their stepdaughters, is on good terms with their husbands and/or boyfriends, and/or girlfriends, and/or sheep/cattle/hamsters/baby seals or whatever, plus they trade off kids when it’s vacation time. Only thing that’s a bitch is Xmas, he says. Each party has to spring for about 40-50 presents or so. The solution arrived at some years back was a number drawn from a hat and everyone buys one gift for one person each: again, a typically Quebec solution.

    So…tax savings and multiplying sex options on a no-opera, no-drama basis. What’s not to like? I think after the Derrick Bird zombie gets done with Katie Day, we need to send him to visit Tipper and Al just on principle. I hate Al! LOL! He’s ahaving too much fun even as we speak.

    After Viet Nam, he can do what he wants, even if he was an Army officer in a cake journalist job. Bet it wasn’t all cake. Watch him go gay and marry General Giap or something typically Leftie. They were made for each other.

  110. Hi walt

    I can understand your frustration with DT and I agree.

    If you look at thelater JD blog comments, I have posted this as a copy from the DT site.

    I repeat it here since you have not moved on

    Good morning All

    As I lay abed last night, I wondered if my post manonthemoor 5 June 22:22 (x or n hours/days ago) {sorry the search option does not span pages}, would survive the night.

    As it happen my criticism of LOST DATA has survived the night and I have a vision of two bright teenagers writing a routine to dice and slice WordPress data into DISQUS data to be installed on previous comments and blogs.

    Are the mods as I type creating new chapters on ‘PC ‘

    and ‘shoot the messenger’ policies

    During the last two years we have seen history being made in front of us , in politics, in finance and of course in AGW denial.

    This data the product of DT staff, the internet, comments and blogs is too valuable to discard, and I therefore call on DT staff and all contributors to campaign and crusade for the recovery of this data.

    Using the onscreen (output) data from WordPress it should even be possible to retain the timestamp information, but even if this is not possible the data itself and the valuable links would be a worthwhile contribution..

    To be fair the system is new but the old data is important and over say the next few weeks may be in the plan to recover it.

    Bearing in mind that James said the system would not be available until Monday, perhaps I am putting the Barouche in front of the horse.


    Thank you

    PS For those with password signout problems – I use both Mozilla and Opera and stay signed in without any problems even after shutdowns. There must be settings to remember passwords in these systems somewhere which can be set.

  111. Walt, thank you for your understanding. You may like this:

    Msher, I really don’t like WorldVision. Love and compassion (charity) should not be conditional on the recipients adopting chritianity or any other “belief” system.
    They are also founding partners of EEN which makes one realise that there are powerful vested interests in the AGW fallacy – beyond the usual financials,energy companies and tax hungry politicians. As Walt alluded to, they may well have their pension fund or other investments tied in to AGW. I don’t know this for a fact but you are wise enough to know that the glue that ties these vested interests together is nearly always financial. The missionaries lower down the chain will no doubt have simply accepted the “science” behind AGW and believe that they are caring for the flock of humanity by caring for its environment.

    I have seen the work of evangelists in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. Look it up and, if you get the chance, visit. It is my idea of paradise: a tiny village on the shores of Lake Atitlan (described by Aldous Huxley as, “Como surrounded by volcanoes”); the community is a mix of indiginous Mayan indians, hispanic Guatemalans and a few tourists who have settled for a few years (German, American, French “hippies” in the main), and just one policeman during the day! There is only one tarmac road. Everywhere else is connected by well worn paths. One can walk past red-brown terraces of coffee beans drying in the sun and papaya growing wild always set against that serene deep blue volcanic lake. Perhaps the most surprising thing is the internet cafe which has the fastest internet connection I have ever come across anywhere in the world.

    Subsequent internet searching showed that a charitable foundation, The Coffee Kids had decided that this little village in the middle of nowhere should be given the latest and best IT/comms technology (as an experiment) to see how these Mayan kids might benefit. These same Mayan kids that we could hear in their classes day after day singing hymns led by the nuns.

    I still have mixed feelings about the place. If I return there in say 10 years time will it have changed much and, if so, how?

    Going back to Joe Jackson’s piece, linked above, I share his sentiments; whether it’s me, you or those Mayan kids, I don’t want us to be bullied, coerced or legistaled to conform to someone elses agenda no matter how much they may sweeten the Faustian pill. Isn’t that why we came together against AGW via J.D.’s DT blog?

  112. Wandering around the DT today, I noticed that you can comment on stories online but not as before.
    Year ZERO: whereas before, an Email address and name were sufficient to be permitted to proffer a piece of personal enlightenment, now you have to log in as if one wishes to log onto the DT blog pages.

    Score another for big brother, “we know/ want to know who you are!”

    ‘Relative’ anonymity is what we did have, I do not agree with having to sign up and tell one’s life story because I want to leave a comment on a newspaper blog, nowadays you do on the DT.
    Moonbats minions did spoil the blogs for months, Izal was Epeepee (and others -cultsings), working from two terminals/laptops/maybe more, Connolley probably had a hand in it too.
    Good folk have gone/changed names the JD blog is no longer the same, the ‘fellowship’ is broken, shame too.
    I enjoy reading other blogs, Smokey on WUWT is always a good read and Geronimo on BH is a fine polemicist, a great advocate for climate realism and the sanity of empirical science.
    ………If we could all ‘get’ together in the blogosphere what a hoot that would be!

    I shall keep fighting the good fight, it is a battle which can be won, the remaining and greatest hurdle is the intransigence of the ‘elite’ and in the main the politicians, which is not a surprise because it was a political construct all along, kicked off by Thatcher and her advisers, from there it just took off, the UN saw it as a perfect vehicle to reaffirm their (completely) lost credibility (- that worked then!), now CAGW is championed by none other than Tony Bliar and “Lord Prescott”;>) – (surely the death knell for CAGW), you couldn’t make it up!
    Realism is winning tho’ ………I fervently hope.

  113. Edward Longshanks says:
    June 6, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    I agree with much of what you say.
    However, you can retain the same relative anonymity.

    For my part, I have a fake hotmail account (i.e. not in my real name and originated with false postcode and address). They have the IP address that I post from but that’s all.

    I don’t like the changes at the DT, particularly the moderation, however, time will tell.


  114. Hi Ed.

    There were transient trolls but the most of it was being done by one person, Grocott, I suspect. See my post of June 5, 2010 at 4:42 pm above. Notice how relitively troll free the new blog is?


  115. Wotcha Pointy,
    I trust that you are well.
    Yes the trolls have moved on, that is good but they were merely timewasters in my opinion they wanted to end our anti AGW forum and the myth debunking team and as far as I can see they won – much as I detest the admission.

    In the battle to defeat Islamic terrorism, the body search scanner has been introduced……..chocolate teapot technology but personal profiling has been binned because of PC and the desire to not offend our Muslim brothers.
    So you have the ludicrous situation of a veiled coterie of wifely serfs being waved through security, whilst aged white females are routinely being body searched, scanned, questioned- “where did you purchase this face cream?!**?”

    A loose analogy but I think you get my drift;>)

    – I think that in their wisdom the DT have missed the bloody boat – have their (DT) IT team just arrived from NU-labour home/HMG IT consultancy?

    I should stop moaning…..tis done -” and what’s done cannot be undone!”….we’ll see.

    (but don’t forget who is loading your bags……

    @ScouseBilly says:
    June 6, 2010 at 3:08 pm
    Duly noted and thank you.
    Wishing Steve, Jamie and Glen (and Croxteth boy Wayne) and the team, all the best.

  116. Hi Ed, I posted the following at the DT a while ago. Basically, it’s rinky dink software for small blogs.

    With regards to the new layout of the blog I have the following problems:-

    The only way to see new posts as they arrive and answer them is to stay on page one and order it by ‘newest first’. If ‘Real-time updating is enabled’ and there several new posts waiting and you click ‘show’, then you have to scroll down and read them upwards! Again and again. For anyone but an oriental, reading from the bottom of a document upwards is totally contra-intuitive.

    The second reservation is that segmenting the posts into pages breaks the flow of discussion. This was done in my opinion because the software was designed to handle small blogs with less that 20 of 30 posts, hence no timestamps needed. The screen ergonomics were simply not designed for a blog that habitually attracts hundreds of comments.

    If there are two changes that would make it more usable, these would be:-

    1) Automatic timestamp on each post.
    2) A ‘view all posts’ option with the comment input box at the end of the page.

    Pointman 6 June 16:52.


  117. James, guess what? The new blogging software has the same hijack feature as the old except it not only enables you to post as someone else but locks them out of the system while they’re doing it. Sweet Jesus, here we go again.


  118. Pointman says:
    June 6, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    You know that made me smile!
    Change system – that only wants a tweak, make it far worse and wholly more cumbersome (spending zillions……or in the DTs case not much) and then when new system rolled out…..err………still have same problem!***!……….Sssssounds even more like the Nu-labour governmental ‘fixes’ or what they used to term a ‘solution’.
    It doth smack of boondogglery and causes befuddlement of the mind and senses, can you hack it Pointy?……..You do seem to me to be an infinitely patient soul, not easily given to impatience but I perceive that………… that time is close maybe?

    Regards, Ed.

  119. All, I’m moving over to the newer ‘foxhole’ on JDs. See you on the flip side.


  120. If anybody is worried about their IP address being public try some of the myriad proxy servers out there some may be blocked but not all.

  121. Posted also on the blog:

    “This must have been the intention of the DT to drive us all away.”

    Nothing is impossible – but does that really make any sense? I think it unlikely that the DT just did a massive and expensive format change across all of its blogs simply to drive a dozen or maybe a couple of dozen skeptics away from one blog.

    It does seem, though, as they have started a policy of censoring – but it also seems like they are censoring more than necessary or useful or conducive to a blog being workable for the posters. It is possible that they also are feeling their way and their standards for deleting comments is being set as they go. I.e., that it is really heavy handed now, but it won’t stay that way.

    If there is too heavy of censoring, that will be disappointing and may wreck the blog (if the format itself doesn’t already do that). But why is anyone treating an uncensored blog as a right or entitlement? We are supposedly advocates of private property. We don’t own the DT; we don’t pay its expenses. Out views count only to the extent we help attract readership. We can express our preferences, and leave if we are not humored – but that isn’t a right to have the DT run its blogs any given way.

    Things may change even in the next week. Maybe a time stamp might appear? Or other good things. Shouldn’t we all just see how it evolves for a little while?

    I thought izen’s two posts of analysis were very good. But beware warmists bearing gifts of good analysis. I dont think those posts can be taken at face value.

  122. Hi Pointman !

    Ya gotta love this (wide grin) …

    /// 10 years needed to seal climate cuts, says UN pointman

    (AFP) – 3 hours ago
    PARIS — The world community may need another 10 years to agree on carbon cuts deep enough to roll back global warming, the UN’s pointman for climate change warned on Monday. …/…

    Amerloque 20100607 20h16 Paris time (CET)

  123. Hi Pointman !

    Ya gotta love this (wide grin) …

    /// 10 years needed to seal climate cuts, says UN pointman
    (AFP) – 3 hours ago
    PARIS — The world community may need another 10 years to agree on carbon cuts deep enough to roll back global warming, the UN’s pointman for climate change warned on Monday. …/…

    Amerloque 20100607 20h16 Paris time (CET)

  124. I saw Al Gore getting in a private jet at Oxford Airport in 2008.
    I disapprove of the aviation-hate that has developed in the UK, especially given that the industry has done more than any other to reduce fuel consumption with massive efficiencies made with modern engines (compared to say, cars which use more fuel than ever). But if you’re going to go on about these things, you really should practice what you preach. Get the bus mate!

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