I feel the need to offer Wikipedia some ammunition in its quest to discredit me

The most excruciatingly awful thing I have ever done in my entire life happened in my penultimate year at school. At the time I was learning classical guitar and occasionally I would meet up with one of my English teachers, ‘Mattie’ Simpson, so that we could play duets together. On the fateful day I’m about to describe the piece we were practising was Bach’s ‘Air on a G String’.

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3 thoughts on “I feel the need to offer Wikipedia some ammunition in its quest to discredit me”

  1. Well, that is one way of getting some “air”, if rather foul, on the G string. By the way, i studied classical guitar for a few years. Never played that piece myself.

    I have an idea for Wikkipedia smear related to that story. They can allege that you contributed to AGW by excessive methane emmission during guitar lessons!

  2. Nobody can ‘love’ socialism – in the way that people are able to love the freedom and opportunities provided by capitalism and Conservatism. There is nothing positive about it; socialism subsists on bile, envy, hypocrisy and indeed at times malevolence.

    It is a creed that restricts individuals’ freedom to improve their own lves their own endeavours; anyone who does not want to rely on the state and/or the party for progress is ‘selfish’, ‘ignorant’ and/or ‘venal’.

    Socialism squats on ‘truth’ – the truth being that the individual and his/her life is meaningless, peoples’ lives must be sacrificed to the ‘party’ attaining and retaining of power. People are then bribed and consequently sacrifice their independence.

    It is a regressive, deceitful, heartless creed – it is evil…of course not forgetting to mention it overriding incompetence in pretty much every field.

    Since the credo is founded on fatuous idealism and since more-often-than-not, its peddlars derive their livelihood sustaining it, the left has only 5 weapons available;

    > bullying…………..malicious accusations of greed, racism, homophobia, misogyny and now even climate change denial

    > bombast………….the left has a self-awarded monopoly on ‘goodness’ and ‘fairness’

    > distortion………..the left is never wrong, mistakes – when admitted too – are made despite good intentions

    > disinformation….the right has achieved nothing worthwhile in 200yrs

    > downright lies…..in both general and specific cases

    I would dearly like to shoot any and every individual in – let’s start in Britain – who relies on the leftist political agenda for a – very handsome in many cases – living.

    Of course I will not do this because as a liberal conservative I believe that everybody is entitled to their opinions, and I choose to dismantle leftist opinions with logic and controlled emotion.

    Problem is the left is pre-programmed to never ‘lose and argument’. Their entire future existence depends on never being wrong.

  3. At one stage Wiki did an entry on the word “Croatiaphobia”, a word with no previous apparent existence, & took as examples purely things I had said on my blog. Obviously no editing by me survived though presumably somebody decided it was to ridiculous & was eventually folded.

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