'I'm SO sorry! How will you ever be able to take me seriously again?' sobs remorse-stricken Monbiot

Well no, not quite. But the Guardian’s Hair Shirt and Scorpions columnist George Monbiot has at least been frightened into taking a slightly more conciliatory line over the Amazongate fiasco.

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4 thoughts on “'I'm SO sorry! How will you ever be able to take me seriously again?' sobs remorse-stricken Monbiot”

  1. So can anyone tell me if North considers himself satisfied by Moonbat’s retraction? If so, I’m rather disappointed, as I was hoping to see the bat end up in court.

  2. What? James (Delights-in-getting-pole) in the whole article you didn’t call him “Moonbat” once!

    As for WWII analogies, I too know a little bit about WWII history. I would say we are not anywhere near the Battle of the Bulge. France has been lost, Norway too. However, the realists (the few), ….never in the field of scientific debate….. with climate gate and all the IPCC gates- and the shift in public opinion- we may have just won the Battle of Britain.

    Ahead of us is the battle of the Atlantic and El-Alamein. There may be some setbacks ahead (Pearl harbour, the loss of singapore and malaysia/ burma).

    “This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end , but it is the end of the beginning for the dark light of perverted climate science”.

    The tide will turn as the climate continues to be uncoperative and as the public refuse the carbon trading lunacy and taxes. That will be their Stalingrad.

  3. Dear Jim

    I am a climate sceptic but I am slightly too busy to research the topic.

    To be honest it is so huge that even starting it seems impossibly difficult, and not in the same fun way as, say, learning all about Brahms or the Renaissance would be.

    I just assume I am probably right and I probably am.

    (Arent I??)

  4. But we might enter a warm phase again , climate is unpredictable & then we will be back where we started. The only way to stop this is by subjecting the perpetrators of this myth to some sort of legal process as far as I can see.

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