My holiday is being ruined by global cooling. But try telling that to the 'scientists'

I’m writing this in Salcombe, Devon on a rainy, miserable summer’s day which, I fear, may be all too symptomatic of the climatic rubbish we can all expect for the next 30 years as – thanks to changes in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation combined with a solar minimum – we enter a period of global cooling. Let’s hope I’m wrong, eh?

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7 thoughts on “My holiday is being ruined by global cooling. But try telling that to the 'scientists'”

  1. I have been a “sceptic or “denier” (whatever I don’t care what epithets are hurled) since 2005 because, as an economist, I have always analyzed the issue from a “follow the money” perspective. Plus as an American I know what half-crazed sleezeballs Al Gore and his ilk really are.

    I have hundreds (thousands?) of articles over the years and I have always been struck by the common thread in the argumentative replies.

    First: readings, findings measurements etc of the same phenomenon can be 180 degrees opposite from one to another depending on the POV of the issuer. Ocean temps are going up, no, wait a minute they are going down…no,no they are flat.
    Current weather patterns in the Western US are caused by AGW, no they are the El Nino Effect, no, no, they are showing signs of cooling due to solar inactivity.

    Cmon don’t you people see the futility of your angels on the head of a pin arguments are worse than useless…they are meaningless.

    Being from US Pacific NW, Ground Zero of the modern day hardcore Enviro Movement I have observed many smaller battles over timber, airpollutuion,. stream pollution ad nauseum. The strategy is always the same. using the US legal system and a Straw Horse (such as the Spotted Owl) the Greenies have won victory after victory. Unfortunately with AGW they massively overreached with this selfsame strategy.

    This time they came up with a Trojan Horse that was so successful that it gathered a global panoply of greedy politicians, scientists wanting to increase their Grants, corporations “greenwashing” their way into insider status for money machines like Cap and Trade systems and the ultimate fraudster organization, the UN.

    Unfortunately when you get all these disparate interests diving into the same pot someone will slip up and reveal the dirty secrets behind the wizard’s curtain. (IPCC, Climategate) Add the worst recession since the 1930’s and voila’! you find the oh so supportive public is only behind you when it does not affect their pocketbooks. And when they find out they have been lied to on any level it gives them all the rationale needed to turn on you. Saying “well it was only a couple of lies but the science is still real” does not help at this point.

    My advice: go back to basics. Work on real and pressing needs like clean water, world fish stocks, particulate air pollution in China and so many more. Read Bjorn Lonborg with credulity and an open mind. Take one thing at a time and don’t get sucked into a breathtakingly all encompassing issue that will bend the whole of the world to your POV. If it sounds too good to be true…well you know the rest.

  2. Well David. What are we to say to your well mannered and non-insulting comment?

    Who knows where the weather or cl;imate is going to go, do or not? Certainly no-one on this planet. The concensus says we can only reasonably predict three days weather in advance but we’re being asked to rely oin predictions for the next hundred years or so which haven’t been close to righ so far?

    It muts be really irritating. Sitting there supporting warmist theories as they slowly fail and fall about your head. How about we all agree that no-one knows and until we do know we go about our lives as positively as possible? How about we pursue ensuring every person on the planet has enough food and doesn’t go to bed hungry? How about we send a large proportion of the money spent on climate change to people who need a a good quality home to live in. How about we make sure everyone on our planet has access to cheap energy so they can go about their lives comfortably.

    Please bear in mind that if you want to live a very low carbon foot print life you can always do that anytime you like. No use of electricity or gas at all for you or at a push you could have some intermittently only when the wind blows and at the proportional national grid generation rate for wind power (windmills). No public transport. No flying. No buying any goods you haven’t sourced within cycling distance. No drugs if you get ill apart from what you can grow. No coffee unless you grow it. Maybe you should even grow your own food?

    No one knows what will happen.


  3. Thanks Pete

    I actually thought David was being facetious about “The Most Peer Reviewed” yadda yadda yadda. So there are people out there still actually believing that?

    Should have known when the two words “The Guardian” came up as a source for anything outside of a chuckle or two. Now that I think about it…I think they still are true believers along with the NY Times…oops they are sliding away, the Economist , nope they are turning themselves literary pretzels trying to justify spending trillions on unproven science, BBC? seems as though they are having a few internal arguments over their “former stance. Oh…I know Rolling Stone and Mother Jones.


    PS: Thanks again to Pete for actually restating what I meant (in shorthand) by taking Lonborg seriously.

  4. Thanks for your incisive, deeply thought-out critique, David Hardy. I am now convinced of the error of my ways. I can’t believe that I once thought global warming was just another progressive MacGuffin designed to revive the fortunes of socialism after it was completely discredited by the fall of the Soviet Union and its satellites.

    Now I see that I was mistaken and that “The Guardian” is the keeper of all scientific truth. Where do I sign up to give all of my freedom and property to Big Government?

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