So I was right about the BP oil spill…

“There’s nothing the greens like more than a nice, juicy oil spill disaster”, I wrote seven weeks ago, in a blog arguing that the environmental damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon disaster was being talked up by green activists like Barack Obama in order to advance an eco-fascist agenda and that really, in the great scheme of things, this spill was as nothing compared to, say, the quantities of oil pumped into the oceans during World War II every time an oil tanker was torpedoed.

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3 thoughts on “So I was right about the BP oil spill…”

  1. Suspect from the news that you were right about Deepwater Horizon being no worse than baker Thomas Farriner forgetting to turn off the oven in his Pudding Lane bakery in 1666 (sound of sirens off) that in fact your acupunturist was mistaken: you’re not depressed at all, you are high-functioning bi-polar and smack dab in the middle of a manic cycle. Good luck.

  2. Exactly what I though…

    “Remember how upset people were about the Torrey Canyon disaster, how it was going to ruin the English coastline for at least the next three thousand millennia? Well, no, hardly anyone does because after a year or two the beaches cleaned themselves up and it was as if the problem had never been. It will be the same with Deepwater Horizon. It will be the same, one day, with “Man Made Global Warming.” ”

    The English coastline is just fine thank you, in fact i wonder if many folk can even remember where the “disaster” was, let along find the slightest evidence now of that spill.

    It is worth remembering that oil is a natural product and nature has ways of cleaning oil up naturally, eg, there are bacteria that can feed on and break down oil. I think the detergents that used to be used to break down the oil were doing more harm than the spill itself.

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