10:10's 'No Pressure' exploding kids campaign: why it was such a success

10:10’s “Go green kids or we’ll blow you into tiny pieces” campaign has gone viral – its video, as Richard North notes, having been viewed well over a million times on YouTube, as well as being celebrated in numerous parodies.

As you can imagine, the question everyone is asking in Eco Medialand is: “How do we replicate this marvellous success? How do we get everyone talking about us, in the way everyone is now talking about Franny and Eugenie and the gang?”

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2 thoughts on “10:10's 'No Pressure' exploding kids campaign: why it was such a success”

  1. I hope Alfredo from the Telegraph side is kidding as he added two digits to the body count from Katrina. I believe the correct figure is in the 900’s not 66000.

    On the video…I got a huge laugh out of the initial reaction from the true believers on an AGW website. Things like “yeah, tell it like it is” and “hard hitting, that’ll convince those nasty deniers!” Wow I always knew they lived in a parallel universe but that was an eye opener even for me!

    Having been a “denier” since the beginning in the late 90’s and a veteran of many verbal wars with European friends and colleagues over Kyoto the self immolation of the movement is extremely satisfying. I usually don’t practice “schadenfreude” but I was insulted and laughed at so many times over the years that I am allowing myself a full measure on this issue.

    Same goes with “BDS” (Bush Derangement Syndrome) 5 years ago I was trying to get people to bet me that within 10 years of leaving office American Heritage would have Dubya top 1/3 in 20th century Presiential rankings for his foreign policy. Of course people would look at me as if I were either schizophrenic or had just raped their dog. But the rehabilititation is proceeding much faster now that his successor is showing his ability to become the worst in the 20th century to date. I believe he has passed Carter and is heading to overtake Harding. It is amazing how the lens of history changes opinions although revisionists will try to hold back the tide a la JFK and FDR.

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