Happy Climate Fools' Day

Today is Climate Fools’ Day. To celebrate, here is an essay courtesy of Simon Barnett to show how your money is being squandered by the Coalition on “Climate Change”.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Climate Fools' Day”

  1. Oh dear Delingpole, green energy bad but spending on wars for oil is alright. Countless £££ billions wasted not to mention the lives lost. All you can do is bash investment into our future energy needs keeping us at the mercy of fossil fuel price fluctuations, taking us back in the stone ages whilst other developed countries are looking to the future. Yep! Looking at this board you certainly are building up a big following to your religion of denialism and hate.

  2. So Groper if your honest primary objection is to demand for oil creating wars you will be on record as saying we should be allowing mass building of nuclear palnts which can provide immense amounts of energy cheaply, cheaply enough it would even be practical to synthesise oil & of which there is an effectively unlimited supply in seawater.

    In the same way ever single “environmentalist” who honestly believes in the catastrophic warming swindle is on record as supporting mass nuclear as the only practical way of producing virtually CO2 free power.

    Perhaps Gopher you could name some eco-fascists who, by that standard, are not provably personally supportive of resource wars against the 3rd world or some who are not perfectly aware that warming catastrophism is a total fraud by political parasites. I look forward to you doing so & providing evidence that you are entitled to claim membership of either handful.

  3. Nuclear is an option, but if the UK went full nuclear, we would be facing £140 billion cost of decommisioning and disposal after they come to the end of the lifespans. So it can only part of a solution. With China and the US, fossil fuel hungry nations, the biggest investors in renewbles, recognise the world’s ever increasing demand for energy. Delingpole doesn’t offer any solutions. Just disinformation and hate.

  4. Groper

    Know much about markets do you?

    I’ve spent my life as a businessman and the last year as a private investor in the markets. Let me tell you what I’ve learned. Oil, like coal and gas, is coming out of our ears. The only problemo is Gov’t involvement (regulation, subsidy, legislation etc etc) i f**king it up!

    There is NO (ie. zero) issues with oil/gas/coal prices. They are cheap 95% of the time, except for the odd (ie. exceptional) 40 year spike. There is no issue about this BS called ‘energy security’ either. We’ve had a constant reliable safe and secure energy supply for 100 years, and it gets better by the day because ever more countries are finding the stuff.

    Every piece of crap you’ve ever heard from the shrill green empties and the fascist political scum is a big fat lie.

    So don’t worry your little head. Leave it to the free competitive market. It does ALL the work for you. No socialists required.

  5. Well if you spent your life as a businessman you haven’t learnt much. Like I said in other post, there’s plenty of oil around. With the Arctic opening up, they’ll be plenty more. But eventually, we’re going to have to dig deeper etc. The price goes up to the point where it becomes economically unviable. When it will happen is the point.

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