I’m sure Richard Curtis doesn’t really want to kill my children. Well, I say that …

For some time now I’ve had this idea for a running gag in a comedy sketch series. It would star a character called Unfunny Observational Comic. Each week we’d see him dying a death with his ‘Have you ever noticed…?’ comedy of recognition before an appalled audience. He’d say things like: ‘You know how it is, when you’ve broken into your neighbour’s house to rummage through her knicker drawer…?’ and ‘Gerbils. Just what is it about gerbils that makes us all want to shag ’em?’ The humour would lie, of course, in the Observational Comic’s tragic inability to apprehend the gulf between what he thinks is normal and what everybody else does.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to work any more, a) because I’ve explained the joke, and b) because Richard Curtis has beaten me to it…

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4 thoughts on “I’m sure Richard Curtis doesn’t really want to kill my children. Well, I say that …”

  1. 10:10 still have their BBC friends onside, it appears. I reference today’s “Costing the Earth” on Radio 4, which devoted itself to 10:10’s “Lighter Later” sister-campaign to lose GMT and put us onto European Time.

    Of the 27:50 running-time, just five and a half minutes were given to “sceptics”, as represented by two farmers and someone from the Royal Horological Society [so clearly a selfish-minority who put tradition and cattle-counting above the lives of our chiiiiiiiiiildrens.]

    Unattributed “studies” were then bandied around, so it was clear the “informed” metropolitans from iffy college departments would trump the hick-conservative viewpoint, due to all these authoritative-sounding invocations of “The Evidence”.

    The prog presented almost as a done deal that the grant-hippies would get their plan to do Socialist Time on us past parliament, when it comes up in December. No mention was made of Lighter Later being a 10:10 wheeze, nor of the recent history of this vile organisation. No, it was described as “a growing movement”. Last time I looked, 10:10 had lost a quarter of their membership following their spectacularly ill-judged, yet revealing film aimed at marginalising the uncommitted by encouraging 10:10’s audience to laugh at them being blown up.

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