Splattergate: 'Oh well, we live and learn….'


Here’s the film Richard Curtis might have preferred to make for the 10:10 campaign, if only his exquisite sense of and good judgement hadn’t got in the way. Personally I think it’s a big improvement on the original. At least it doesn’t make any bones about what it is the green movement really wants.

Oh, and do read the comments at the 10:10 website. The venom is something else…

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2 thoughts on “Splattergate: 'Oh well, we live and learn….'”

  1. Now that the corporate money is openly objecting to the propaganda piece, I see something closer to contrition is emanating from 10:10. It seems, as ever, the Green movement responds mostly to money. They do however, in the statement talk about reducing carbon. Is that what they were doing? Reducing the carbon in human beings who didn’t fit in with the master plan? Maybe they feel fewer degenerate people will give more living space to those who are of a more perfect form. Or do they mean carbon dioxide? Because, as I understand it, they are saying that the only thing causing the planet to warm is the release of Man Made Carbon Dioxide. Otherwise, why destroy the economies of the world to reduce the output of only CO2? At least their infantile behaviour fits with their infantile way of coming to conclusions.

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