Allen West: America's next black president?

Here’s a guy for whom all red-blooded Americans should be truly grateful. Allen West might just be the black president to save the US in 2012 from the ruins created by the previous one.

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7 thoughts on “Allen West: America's next black president?”

  1. James,

    Is this Allen West your Great White Hope?

    You’re going to be very disappointed, as all voters in history are.

    You still have the alien carried in your chest, that baby of economic-societal destroying battery acid, that most liberal sucker punch called Government.

    Until the penny drops that the Gov’t monoply power structure IS THE problem, that ALL politicians are either idealistic idiots or crooks, you will NEVER see your freedom.

    How do you think Allen West gets to office James?

    The short answer is on a bankroll of vested interests. Between the 4 years voters (the insane deluded ones that actually vote) have their say Allen West will spend his entire time in office listening to his paymasters (see Obama for further references). Period.

    And what “security” does America or the West require?

    The West hasn’t been attacked by either Asia or the Orient in CENTURIES.

    The world is at peace except for a skirmish between North and South Korea (none of our f’ing business) and ALL the (false) Wars we’ve waged out there. Iraq and Afghanistan, like Vietnam, is a colossal bloody farce. Fact. Fact. Fact.

    The recent hyper-bollox headlines on the German letterbomb was ‘timed’ to cover the latest US spending of $80bn per annum on a few terrorists that can’t even blow up their underpants!

    Think about. This security scam is as bigger Ponzi scheme as AGW.

    Your Great White Hope Mr West simply can’t wait to keep the (our) money siphoning into this criminal theft from society. Can he???

  2. @velocity – I guess Pearl Harbor doesn’t count being attacked by “Asia or the Orient.” Also, we’re at peace in Afghanistan? The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam may be farces in your tiny mind, but don’t be telling that to the brave men and women who fought and died in them. All three were wars in the name of freedom against tyrannical regimes (Taliban, Saddam and Communists) who tried to impose their will on other countries. Try again and get your facts straight.

  3. Kilroy,

    Yes of course, you must point out the one and only exception to the rule, Pearl Harbour!

    Now you sit down and think long and really hard how many times, over Centuries, Europeans and latterly the Yanks have invaded Arabia under false pretences: England are now on their 6th Crusade of idiocy, France 2-3 times, the Italians (Romans) and now the Yanks. ALL the Wars were false, except kicking out Saddam from Kuwait.

    I’d be an Arab terrorist after this string of murderous European warmongering and invasions of my territory.

    As for your “our brave servicemen” line they won’t go anywhere without overwhelming force and 2 layers of body armour. But as the Centuries has taught us, if you’v got a peanut sized brain (which nobody in the West has it seems), you can overwhelm and invade a country but you CANNOT OCCUPY.

    We’ve lost every occupation because guerilla warfare always beats a big fat stupid army (see IRA in N.Ireland). Occupation, and we’ve been in Iraq and Afghanistan over 8 years, is just really stupid. Western Gov’ts in everything they do are really really dumb.

    The next piece of data for your attention is we went to Afghanstan to round up a few Al Qiada. Who are we fighting Einstein? Yep, someone that we have no beef with, the Taliban.

    Wrong target group.

    The Taliban, like the IRA, are the local freedom fighters. They defended their country against the Russian invasion. Now their defending their country against our invasion. They have every right, because we have no business in THEIR territory.

    So we’re fighting the wrong target, shipping out pallet loads of cash to bribe and prop up a false crony Gov’t that’ll collapse the day we leave, bribing the Taliban not to attack us, and making one huge stupid mess.

    Everything Gov’t touches turns to crap.

    That’s precisely what we’re doing in Arabia and there’s nothing ‘honourable’ about that. It’s murderous, pointless and we should be deeply ashamed.

  4. Oh and Kilroy, the latest Wikileaks diplomatic hack includes a nice little detail. The Afghanistan Vice-President travelled to the Arab Emirates with $52 Million, in cash, to bank.

    And that’s just part of the ‘cost’ of propping up a corrupt no-hope Western-crony Afghan Gov’t that’ll collapse the day we (finally) leave. Money for nothing, it’s not the only thing we’re p*ssing away out there!

    Before you mention dying for a great cause and the cost is no object remember you’re following a peanut brained politician from that toilet called Westminster

  5. Kilroy has got a few of his facts wrong. The IRA, that noble patriotic insurgency, finally admitted that they had actually killed more Catholics than either Protestants or Brits in
    their final decadent years of active operations. Then they left a legacy of theft and local
    extortion behind them. Not to mention their flirtations with Ghaddafi and their operations
    against the civilian population of the UK. After their fraudulent American fund-raising was finally ahlted, they were dragged to the negotiation table by the general Irish disgust at their addictive violence and lack of principle.

    Likewise with the Taliban: they have killed off or intimidated all the local tribal authorities in the NW Frontier Province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATAs) and allied
    themselves with various clans whose only interest is power and monetary gain. Even Mullah Omar cannot control these people. In regard to their Afghan period of government,
    does Kilroy think that closing all the schools for girls – and many others – sending off all the NGOs and limiting medical care for any and everyone is something that the local populace
    has signed up for?

    What an airhead!

  6. Err.. Mr Wilson, do you mean Kilroy or Velocity ‘has got a few of his facts wrong’?

    I’m confused.

  7. Jay Wilson,

    I love your ‘party line’ argument, stick around around please this’ll be fun. You say,

    “..the Taliban… only interest is power and monetary gain”… are you sure you don’t mean the politicians of Labour, Liberal and Tory Parties??? Oh of course, they’ve been slaving away on our behalf for 80 years for the ‘public good’ eh!

    “..closing all the schools for girls..” Sorry but are we out there for Al Qhaida or out-reach social service. I’ve got to put up with the non-stop grivel of the BBC World News here in Europe. This mouthpiece (big gob) for Gov’t propaganda can’t shut up about providing medical and support services to Afghans which is none of our friggin business.

    That pyhsco Marxist Millaband before election was dribbling on about budget cuts for nurses and schools, not 20mins before he was talking enthusiastically about the British overseas aid budget for Pakistan being £699 million. Connect the dots mate then go figure who elected this and who pays the taxes of this scumbag.

    “..The IRA… admitted that they had actually killed more Catholics than either Protestants or Brits..” Yes it’s hard to let off a time bomb with any accuracy. Blair and Bush had smart bombs, here’s the maths:

    IRA (over 20 years) 20-30,000
    Blair & Bush go to Iraq : 200-300,00o innocent civilian deaths
    Blair & Bush off to Afghanistan : thousands more civilian deaths

    Where’s your moral compass arsehole?

    Makes sending out social services to try to teach equality for Afghan women look just a tad morally perverse don’t you think!!

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