Why being Green means never having to say you're sorry

One of the stories from the Bible I’ve never quite understood is the parable of the Prodigal Son. So this utterly useless git prematurely grabs his share of his inheritance, goes out into the world, blows it on being stupid, loses everything, then comes back to his father with his tail between his legs and what happens?

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6 thoughts on “Why being Green means never having to say you're sorry”

  1. Delingpole, if you bothered to follow the debate after the Channel 4 programme you would have found out you needn’t have bothered wasting 10 minutes of your worthless life from writing this garbage. Only for your congregation to now enthusiastically repeat your disinformation.

    First of all, there is/was no evidence of some worldwide ban on DDT as a disease prevention tool. DDT was still widely used and that has now even led to DDT resistant mosquitoes. And if you read Rachel Carson’s book you would have found out she devoted a page to the comparison of the advantages of DDT.

    Secondly, Zambia set up its own scientific task force to look into GM aid and decided not to adopt certain GM foods like corn. There were many reasons, but mainly to prevent contamination plus the surplus of non GM corn in the northern regions, not your simple explanation of greens killing Africans.

    Thirdly, though nuclear certainly should be considered as an option, we’ll never see you address the cost of decommissioning and disposal after they come to end of their lifespans. Just your vicious tirade against renewables. And with even China and US, fossil hungry nations, recognise the ever increasing demand for energy, are the biggest investor in renewables. But all you do is bash investment into our energy security, leaving us to mercy of fossil fuel price fluctuations.

    Luckily for humanity, you were not invited to add your pointless hatefilled rants. Serious issues require serious solutions not parables, conspiracy theories and your debunked myths.

  2. Delingpole is only good for hate and ridicule, his sermons add no value. The fact is, despite the climate debate, energy security is a real issue. Even China and US, fossil fuel hungry nations also recognises the need for renewables and are the biggest investor in this sector.

    Nuclear is an option but Delingpole doesn’t address the legacy of the £150 billion cleanup bill we face once the lifespan of our 10 or so nuclear plants expire. Then there’s the issue of cost of building new ones to consider.

    Delingpole just wants to keep us at the mercy of global price fluctuations in fossil fuels when all our competitors are looking ahead.

  3. Right. So we can get back to mining our rich coal resources and powering coal-fired power stations with them? After all, as you say, energy security is a real issue “despite the climate debate”.

  4. I’ve been going out with a girl
    Her name is Julie
    But last night she said to me
    As we were watching telly

    She said listen John I love you
    But there’s this bloke I fancy
    I don’t want to two-time you
    So that’s the end for you and me

    Who’s this bloke? I asked her
    Gordon she replied
    Not that puff I said dismayed
    Yes but he’s no puff she cried

    But I know he’s a moron
    Gordon is a moron
    Gordon is a moron
    Gordon is a moron

    This song was written by Graham Fellows (Jilted John) in 1978 and remains deeply relevant to this day.

  5. Hey Delingpole, I like the way your congregation likes to take cheap shots at other posters without adding any value to your article. Oh I forget, your article has no value.

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