Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide now!

Dihydrogen Monoxide is the most deadly and widespread pollutant on the planet, contributing hundreds of times more to global warming than all the greenhouse gases combined.

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7 thoughts on “Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide now!”

  1. Taking the crap out of the greens (and politicians) very obvious weakness, these shrill retards never know what they’re talking about ….. brilliant 🙂

  2. simpler just to ban CO2… Incidentally only ignorant americans say ”retard’ it is the height of crassness to use the word in uk…

  3. James,

    I also have just heard you on Alex Jones, well done. It seems to me that you are starting to sound dangerously like a Libertarian. It really is the natural progression when you see how the creeping state will take freedoms you like as well as dislike. Welcome aboard, even if it is only one step.

  4. how about all of the deaths directly caused by this dreaded DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE.

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