CAFOD – where your money goes…

Some of my best friends are Catholics, including at least two of my very favouritest bloggers. So no I don’t agree with Lord and Lady Whiteadder on Blackadder II that “Cold is good. Cold is God’s sign that we should burn more Catholics”…

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2 thoughts on “CAFOD – where your money goes…”

  1. “Jasber has expertise in food security, participation of the marginalised, indigenous people, gender and environmental justice in the context of climate change.”

    I take that to mean Jasper (PhD) suffered from “food deprivation” as a student at Uni.

    Or is that “food inequality” ?

    I’ve got a few suggestions where this class of professional scum can stick their slimy hed-fuk trigger word management speak language and you won’t need a Degree in biology to understand the precise local

  2. Well, I’m a left-footer and I’d like to point out that this “burn more Catholics” is a terrible slander based, I suspect, on confusion arising from Bonfire Night. Burnings were generally instigated BY Catholics, not against them.

    That’s a helpful post though. I’ve always been deeply suspicious of things like Family Fast Day but I’ve never bothered to look into it, so now I can feel pleased with myself

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