Campaign Against Climate Change: a Christmas appeal

This is the time of year when our thoughts naturally turn to those less fortunate than ourselves. We think of the mentally ill and the tragically deluded; we think of those so poor their home is a rusting, broken down 60s VW Combi with an Atomkraft Nein Danke sticker on the back, so crippled by their crazed notions of what constitutes “good” and “bad” transport that they can only travel anywhere by…

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5 thoughts on “Campaign Against Climate Change: a Christmas appeal”

  1. Like every fraud, the AGW time’s up, like that ponzi scheme from the start, the State pension.

    Time me thinks to focus on 2 very interesting new developments. Story 1 ;

    Gov’t (the dumbest organisation on the planet) is taking on the internet (the most diverse multi-brained uber-intelligent organism on the planet). Who’s going to be the winner in cyber-space, the retards of the public sector or hackers?

    No contest.

    Getting the hackers back up, who are all anti-Gov, trying to destroy the freedom of the internet is possibly the biggest Gov’t mistake in history. One genius individual can take down any mob of dysfunctional idiots. I wouldn’t be surprised now the US Gov’t has banned Wiki sites to see hackers install a few hundred Wiki sites inside the milatarys own ‘secure’ computers and Amazons and Pay-Pal who’s banned them just for kicks.

    99% of all knowledge is in the private (people and companies) domain. Gov’t knows jack. You want to take on hackers on the web, it’s like picking a fight with 1,000 snakes, death by 1,000 cuts, this is going to be the biggest drubbing of the US Gov’t in history, the public sector are retarded.

    The hackers are already putting up mirror Wiki sites up on any WiFi points. The US Gov-dumb-ment will try to swap a fly and stir up a hornets nest. It won’t work, the webs designed to be indestructible, as the US military designed (who are now trying to destroy it, Doh!). And so being stupid comes full circle, the Gov’t have placed their own heads up their own arses for all the world to see.

  2. Story 2.

    When the people do not get a response from Gov’t (over 60% of Yanks were against bailouts) because the Gov’t is an elite scum in bed with big corporate monopolists (the banking, military industrial complex) the people have to take matters into their own hands (see French revolution, if their ears won’t listen, let’s take their heads off).

    French karate expert and one time footballer Eric Cantona has done just that with a very bright idea of public imancipation, having a run on French banks:

    And the US who’ve taken many good ideas off Europeans have nicked the idea too, have a run on JP Morgan and even better than that, with the cash buy silver to drive up the price which JPM is trying to short big time with a massive new position (see copper too):

    (Zerohedge is a very good site for you to keep up with things financial James, so you don’t make the same error of siding with politicians on the Pension ponzi scheme. The bloggers comments below articles are usually works of modern art too).

    We live in an historic time at an historic moment, a month or two from a huge stock market crash that’ll bring in the greatest Depression in 300yrs, since the English South Sea bubble burst.

    What has made it so bad is the absolute corruption of that monopoly power structure, that most liberal ponzi scheme and cancer on society (as all authoritiy structures have been throughout history – if you know your history not what the State junks down your throat), government.

    98% of MP’s believe in AGW, over 60% of Joe Public don’t.
    95% of MP’s believe in Keynsian bailouts, over 60% of Joe Public don’t.

    See the disjoint? See the dysfunction of Gov’t?

    Somethings gotta give… or ‘snap’ …getting your cash outta the banks is a VERY good idea anyway

  3. Latest development:

    The Totalitarian State (the US one, not the UK’s or Europes) campaign to shut down Wikileaks doesn’t appear to be going too well. Taking on the diverse, fast and flexible multi-brained Hackers of the web with the States usual two club left feet co-ordinated by a retarded centrally controlled brain is, like the ‘War on Drugs’ turning out to be another absolute slaughter of the idiotic State structure.

    Hackers have disrupted the Swiss Banks computers systems who closed Wikis account (hehe;)

    Meanwhile here in Italy all i can get is Crony Network News (CNN) and Bent Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). They’ve been pumping out (no doubt State fabricated) accusations about Assange but have gone silent on the States doomed-from-the-start slaughter in their attempts to close the Wikileaks site.

    The BBC interviewed a crone with the loaded question, “Do you think Assange has bitten off more than he could chew?”

    Once again the corrupt scum of the BBC have got the question the wrong way round and their pitifully bent programming is whitewashing the absolute slaughter of the pig ignorant creeps of the US Gov’t

    When will they be showing the cowboys of the US army cowboys murdering innocent civilians in Afghanistan?

    Why Assange on false rape charges is just so much more tittle tattle. Total scum

  4. Paypal and Visa under attack, Mastercards servers down… about time the global duopolies Visa and Master’ got brought down to earth!!

    a Wiki-whipping of the global elites monopoly structures… very refreshing.

    Rule 1. You can win a War (with overwhelming force)
    Rule 2. You will always lose the Occupation

    Rule 2 also applies to Totalitarian Gov’ts on their own people

  5. “Rape, Rape, Rape” as the mouthpieces of the scum dutifully trumpet turns out to be little more than a burst condom between 2 consenting adults.

    Yep, the Totalitarian Socialist State of Sweden, mico-manages rubbish. The socialists there tell Swedes how to seperate your waste and even which bins to put them in. Their bin drops have security cameras and you can be fined and imprisoned as a criminal for not following their wagging fingers. Bit ‘rich’ but Swedish rubbish is the most expensive as well.

    And the Swedish State also micro-manages human inter-relationships. Shag your girlfriend when she’s asleep or drunk and if she wakes up in a bad mood she can sue you for rape, charming!

    So in the Assange case, even with a consenting female, according to the Totalitarian Swedish State he is guilty.

    As this stink turns to total farce, from US State to British State to Swedish State, from British arrest warrants to Interpol, all trumpeted on the clearing houses for propaganda, the corrupt to the core crones of Western media for all to see

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