'Climate Change': there just aren't enough bullets

Right now I’m thinking positive thoughts about all the suffering, expense, disruption, misery, hardship, illness and death brought about by this godawful winter, because what I’m thinking is this: never before will there have been quite such an intense and widespread outburst of public fury at what is being done to our economy, our country, our public services and our freedoms in the name of “combatting global warming.”

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6 thoughts on “'Climate Change': there just aren't enough bullets”

  1. There’s one bullet to kill this cancerous scum called Government: freedom.

    Free society, free markets, debt-free money

    Kill this load of stinking fatuous bull, the ratchet, the Ponzi scheme, the liberal (Marxist-Fascist) sucker punch called absolutely untruthfully “democratic Government”

    Freedom & Free Markets – self regulating, no Gov’t required

  2. Man, it’s not complicated, but wilfully misunderstood it seems… The clue is in the names: ‘global warming’ means the global temperature, on average, is going up, ie the warming is global, not necessarily local. Then: ‘climate change’ means, er, the climate is changing.
    Simple eh? So unusually cold winters in northern European countries are evidence of climate change, but do not suddenly disprove global warming, because the phenomenon of warming refers to a global average. It does not mean warming everywhere across the globe. Last winter (2009) was unusually severe in northern Europe, but in Sicily it was 29 degrees over Christmas – way higher than normal. These phenomena of climate variations are evidence of… wait for it… climate change!

  3. Why are right wingers so clueless about science. In fact they seem pretty clueless about everything – they all seem to believe in skygods.

    My daughter went to Africa to see the effects of global warming and measure them.

    You people cannot even read a graph.

    James just likes to make money off the gullible – just like his American brethren. Pushing fear.

  4. Chris P:

    How did your daughter’s measurements go? I presume they include the absolute final proof that man and CO2 are exclusively to blame for this unprecedented change in Afro-climate. Geez, it’s certainly not as if the climate ever changed before industrialisation, is it?

    I hope she was also able to measure some of the misery wrought upon Africa by ridiculous and bankrupt eco-policies and the extraordinary work of the United Nations.

    Spangler’s Razor: Assume that when the UN is involved, people will die.

  5. Stevo

    Actually it is complicated, trying to measure a global average temperature. In fact it’s like trying to find The Holy Grail, the ‘average man’ who does not exist except in the terribly 2D world of maths.

    But you can safely assume if America is freezing its arse off (10x average snowfall in December) and Europe is freezing its arse off (England has the longest Temp measurement in the world and it’s the 2nd coldest winter on historical record) then the fabricated world average mean Temp is as relevant as your post.

    It’s getting cold, not hotter, have you got it Einstein???

    ie. Game Over for the warmists

  6. Chris P

    actually it’s the left wingers/whingers that have NEVER known what they’re talking about. You’re not only pig ignorant about climate but dumb about history too.

    The left is theft, though the right isn’t much better either (Gov’t is a ponzi scheme don’ you now)

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