Julian Assange is not a Climategate hero

My friend Jonathan Foreman has written two superb pieces on Julian Assange – one at Frumforum and one at Commentary – explaining in persuasive detail why the creepy, soap-dodging Australian isn’t quite the selfless hero his supporters claim he is.

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3 thoughts on “Julian Assange is not a Climategate hero”

  1. Mr. Delingpole,

    A Merry Christmas to you and all your readers! We had hoped that your continuing reference to “Climategate” was on the wane, in view of the nature of what that Russian leak represented and who was behind it. The “evidence” of course amounted to little more than internecine squabbling between warring academics and did not represent any proof whatsoever that “Climate Change” was not occurring – surely now seen as a ludicrous proposition. Those of us who are working quite hard at developing solutions to what is now being observed do wish you might consider the possibility of being a little more responsible. However we do understand your need to continue to posture in a right-wing position in your line of work and at your time of life. Hopefully your September angst at your chosen profession has abated and all is well on the education front.

    Best Wishes,

    K. Gallowglaich

  2. Assange has been ‘Climateaudited’ or ‘Steve McIntyred’ if you like. I don’t know of many that can be so scrutinised and not be sceptic’d down to the absolute truth (McIntyre is a diamond – hard drill bit – of our era).

    Climateaudits article on Wikis Climategate claims was the first prick in the bubble for me too, followed a couple of weeks later by a ZeroHedge article that surmised Assanges leaks were about as damaging as tittle-tattle and served the purpose of Big Bro to further erode freedsoms, specifically on the net where Gov’t to date has lost control.

    When that insidious self-serving ponce, Andy Warhol, said everyone in the future would have their 15 minutes of fame he knew nothing of the internet. Heros and anti-heros are made today in 15 minutes and the webs multi-brained multi analysis strips it bare down to truth in 15 minutes too (if you’re able to distinguish between signal and noise, some skill that takes!).

    So here’s respect for the www

    It’ll bring down the corrupt self-serving scum of the Gov’t and corporate monopolists and also hopefully level the rising anti-heros too (aka Stalin, Hitler and Castro) who promise salvation but in truth will deliver more of the same.

    How are you coming along with your Republican saviour and the Tea Party James?

    Has the penny dropped you’re carrying an alien in your chest!!

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