Panic and fear close their icy tentacles round the doomed Met Office

Well at least that’s one heartening interpretation of this press release which the Met Office has just sent to the Global Warming Policy Foundation. It comes from their Chief Press Officer, no less, Dave Britton.

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2 thoughts on “Panic and fear close their icy tentacles round the doomed Met Office”

  1. perhaps a bit OT, but I’m dropping by to wish you many happy returns of Christmas and New Year, and give you this link for a (cheap) gift:

    Didn’t you warn that the next big panic would be biodiversity?

    Well, the US Center for Biological Diversity has demanded that we reintroduce wolves in their historic range throughout the lower 48 states (of 50, President Obama’s misconception of more notwithstanding), and if you want to see how it plays out, remember we have something called the Second Amendment, as they who practice it often say.

    I wish the very best to you and yours this season, and please keep up the good work.

    When will your Watermelon book be available in the US, so I can present my county Board with copies before we vote them out of office?

  2. Having just driven from Rome to Geneva to Salsburg to Budapest I can tell you my fears of a frozen European winter have relaxed. It seems Britain with -2 to -8 Temps is suffering much more contrary to the UK Mets warmist weather forecasts.

    Gatwick has people suffering 5 days delay to flights while here in middle and eastern Europe all roads are entirely driveable, flights are running on time (save the bleating spoilt babies/arse-wipes of public sector strikes) and all is well (-12 last week has turned to +8 today in Hungary).

    How much longer does the UK has to suffer the hot air and loonacy of the Westminster Socialist Boys Club?

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