The Met Office: lousier than a dead octopus

“Why did we slide into chaos?” asks the front page of today’s Telegraph. It was prompted by the wrath of Transport Secretary Philip Hammond who apparently can’t understand why it is that Britain has been caught out – yet again – by snowy weather.

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One thought on “The Met Office: lousier than a dead octopus”

  1. Cold kills more people worldwide than heat, by a large margin. The fear of another 2 Degrees global warming, contrary to Rent-a-Lord Sterns unremittingly biased and corrupt economics and science report, would mean faster growth of both the ecology and all living creatures (inc. i mans harvest). Scared of 2 Degrees, nope, bring it on, please.

    So where the climate and environment DOES impact us, how is the dept of the Environment doing?

    Answer, like all parts of that most corrupt and incompetent monopoly power structure called Gov’t, is diabolically crap.

    The Dept of Environment, housed in Grade F (for F’ing Sh*te) enviro rated Gov’t buildings, has spent a fortune doing impact studies on global warming in the distant future.

    But in the practical sense of planning for reality, has not lifted a finger on the impact of colder winters in Britain, hence we are once again un-prepared and in chaos. Once again the real damages are not 50 years out, but here and now in the complete incompetence of Gov’t planning and the massive costs as transport is brought to a halt across the land not to mention 14 years of State fascism of monopoly energy companies regulated (protected) as barriers of entry to a free competitive (capitalist) market .

    The goalkeeper (Gov’t) is not only not protecting the goal, he’s AWOL pissed out of his tiny mind in the Pub gobbing off on his favourite pet topic, global warming.

    Everything Gov’t touches turns to crap.

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