'Everything dead by tomorrow!' warns Zoological Society of London

The Zoological Society of London has drawn up a hit list of the 10 attractive coral species most likely to die quite soon. Well, of course it has. Nothing suits the ZSL’s spirit of misanthropy and catastrophism better than another mournful litany of all the species loss which is bound to occur as a result of mankind’s ongoing crime of having the temerity to exist.

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2 thoughts on “'Everything dead by tomorrow!' warns Zoological Society of London”

  1. Oh the old Christian argument about mans superiority. How stupid is that. You don’t understand science well enough to blow your own nose let alone comment on species depletion.

    You have no clue as to the interdependence. You have no clue about sustainability – you are just a selfish whining libertarian who only looks after his own success.

    You probably believe in that stupid ark idea.

  2. As far as I can ascertain all those societies exist for their own gratification and mutual back scratching oppertunities.. Making sure that their predictions of mass extinctions do not eventuate, is not part of their agenda.. Governments in concert with the multinationals blithely persue their traditional role as criminals, vandalising everything that moves as well as everything that is tied down, converting anything of value to inflationery cash. Now that is realy smart !!!!, What they forget is that money is not designed to be eaten in any form , it causes excruciating indigestion that leads ultimately to a horrible death.

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