Queensland floods: but at least the 'endangered' Mary River cod is safe, eh?

This is a guest post from one of our regular commenters, Memory Vault. He’s understandably upset about the Australian floods, which may have claimed more than 70 lives. But what really upsets him is that this disaster could have been prevented. He blames green campaigners so wedded to their ideology they never stop to consider the human consequences. It is to them his bitter letter is addressed.

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3 thoughts on “Queensland floods: but at least the 'endangered' Mary River cod is safe, eh?”

  1. This must not be the earth that was designed by an invisible god to be perfect for human beings.

    Global warming is real you clowns of ignorance. Your inability to understand that this is a finite planet with finite resources and a finite atmosphere indicates that you are poor at primary school math and science.

    We as humans breath “oxygen”. When you drive your car or leave your computer on that oxygen gets converted to CO2. It doesn’t get converted back at the moment so we are depleting the supply of oxygen.

    If you don’t understand that then how we can possibly compete with the Chinese I don’t know.

    Because that is really stupid.

  2. To blame people and CO2 emmission for global warming is a cool oximoron . Firstly the CO2 content of air is only marginally enough, any less and plants will not thrive and even die. The real culprit is pollution , but Corporate interests and Governments don’t want to know about that, they want to be free to pollute everything.
    The suns activity and the moons position are the most influential factors disturbing the earths equelibrium, magnetic field , and tectonic movements and consequently weather . Taking those basic dynamics in account give us a pretty good idea of what is likely to happen . Predicting long term weather by monotoring those basic movers can be pretty accurate . Weather stations and their operators are paid for short term forecasts only, long term forecasts are well beyond their intellectual reach and it would mean people would be warned , which is not what the Genocidal Elite actually want from the main stream media.

  3. If you build your house on a flood plain, it’s gonna get flooded. 50 year, 100 year, 500 year levels, doesn’t matter. Rivers run the way they run-you get in the way, you’re gonna lose it all. Look at the Mississippi-they put levees up, the river broke them down. Look at New Orleans-they put levees up, pumped the water out, the water came in. Big engineering is useless and actually exacerbates the problem. Channeling the water isn’t the solution-not building houses where the water runs is.

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