The most important book of 2010?

My final post of the year is not about Global Warming. Or rather, it is, but only in the most tangential way. As the sharper among you will long since have recognised, the reason I bang on about AGW is not because I’m obsessed with “Climate Change” but because I recognise it as a strategically vital campaign in a much broader global culture war.

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2 thoughts on “The most important book of 2010?”

  1. “. . . till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd”, trying to protect it from predators, e.g. capitalists and intellectuals like you, James . . .

    Not that I disagree with your view of the “liberal-fascist” Left, which plays the “shepherd”, not for the sake of its flock, as it would have us (and itself, sincerely) believe, any more than a real shepherd does (notwithstanding any genuine concern he may have for a lost or injured lamb), but for his and/or his employer’s own sake, for the meat and wool the flock provides and can be bartered or exchanged for money at market.

    So-called “society” serves primarily as an “environment”, which state and economy developed over the centuries to facilitate the self-exploitation of.

    Thus, “society” is being screwed both from the Right and from the Left, with neither side capable of recognising its own exploitative role.

    But here’s wishing you a Happy New Year, anyway!


  2. Quite right Roger, both left and right are screwing society at large.

    When people wake up and realise they’ve never needed a windbag (politician/puppet) in their life and never will they might then take stock of the 60% of their income/wealth the Ponzi scheme called “democratic Government” siphons from their impoverished lives.

    Government aand debt based money are 2 ponzi schemes foisted on society by an elite scum trying to live off societies backs. Look back throughout history and both scams are patent.

    Government is the ratchet for every scum group, left and right, to live off others hard earned.

    Look at America. The right and left are joined at the hip because the right have their industrial-military complex Ponzi and the left have their socialist (housing, welfare, education) Ponzi. Both have an effective agreement whichever is in power does not reduce the budget of the others Ponzi.

    Hence we have the public wanting vast public sector cuts but both Right and Left Parties refuse to knock chunks out of each others vast unsustainable bankrupt Ponzi schemes.

    As soon as the Republicans mentions cuts to the Lefts health and welfare Ponzi schemes the Democrats start breast beating about cuts to Defence and Homeland Security (the darling Ponzis of the right). It’s a joke/farce to watch the scum dance around their Ponzi schemes.

    This is not democracy. This is massive fraud on society.

    Let’s rid ourselves of these criminal enterprises and their favourite vehicle, government. We never needed it and never will.

    Zero Government. Zero politicians. Zero ponzi schemes.

    Free society and free markets, the only mechanisms that work.

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