Twitter's bolshie Gove-bashers will destroy Britain if we let them

Which would you rather your kids learned at school: reading, writing, maths, sciences and at least one modern language? Or a less judgemental, non-hierarchical syllabus possibly but not necessarily including dubstep composition, poi skills, fire-extinguisher throwing, ethnic grievance studies and global warming, depending on how the kids felt at the time because after all they’re the ones who matter in all this?

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10 thoughts on “Twitter's bolshie Gove-bashers will destroy Britain if we let them”

  1. You can’t argue with lefties because they think that if you disagree with them it’s because you don’t understand their argument, either through ignorance or stupidity, or it’s because you have some hidden evil agenda. It doesn’t matter how patiently and thoroughly Gove picked apart his argument; arguing just won’t work. This is the sorry point we’ve got to.

    Mind you, dubstep composition strikes me as a fearsomely complex thing to study.

  2. Wow another example of paranoia based on ignorance. I haven’t seen a libertarian yet who knows squat about science or mathematics.

    Libertarians have no arguments because they are devoid of facts and evidence. They cannot even read a simple graph showing the planets temperature.

  3. I have yet to meet a socialist who doesn’t make judgment on what they “see” as opposed to what they know. Especially what they have be TOLD to see. As in, “you can look at this graph, all other graphs are forbidden!”

  4. It should have been clear long ago that Socialism is one of the secular religions. Parents should know that if your child is not studying something for which there is a market demand he or she is likely to be unemployed. In the current climate preparation for state employment is likely to result in unemployment. Germany seems to have a good grasp of what schooling is for. They take into account mental abilities, social demand for various employments. This helps.

  5. What i’d like to see is the State getting its incompetent corrupt arse out of education (and energy, banking and finance, transport, environment, welfare, pensions etc etc etc)

    Govt is the most incompetent and corrupt (think criminal activity such as theft and fraud on a national scale) insttituion in the country, indeed the world.

    Here’s to zero Govt.

    Here’s to a free society and free markets.

    How’s your ‘little Govt’ coming along James? Still got the ‘little Alien’ inside your chest??

  6. Chris P – thanks for illustrating my point so succinctly.

    “You are all wrong about education because you don’t understand hockey stick graphs”. Ah right, I see, it all seems so clear now.

  7. Manuel: There’s no point in responding to Chris P’s posts. Just ignore him – he’s a troll. He doesn’t need any more encouragement to spew his idiocy all over JD’s blog comments pages. He’s clearly an ignorant, socialist asshat.

  8. Here’s a thought for you. The sphere of human knowledge increases each year at what feels like an exponential rate, while other knowledge, the learning of which was once taken for granted, slowly declines and fades. Putting aside the jibes and barbs of ideology for one moment, the real problem in education lies in reconciling this mismatch, in deciding what to discard and what to include, and in doing this at an ever-accelerating pace. The educational system has been tinkered with by successive governments, but none have been bold enough to consider whether it needs complete reform. Learning the classics and irregular French verbs sets you up for a certain path through life; hip-hop lyric composition and rattan basket making no doubt sets you on a rather different one. But what we don’t teach kids is *how* to learn, or that life is not conveniently partitioned into history, geography, languages, maths, music and so on. Why not make schooling more like the Open University? Let kids choose from modules, rather than subjects. Let them find out where study subjects join – how religion united, dominated and ultimately destabilized Medieval France, which led to the Revolution, which led to France’s achievements in industry, science and maths, which led to modern physics, which led to the microprocessor revolution, which led to modern synthesizer music (for example) … Use the James Burke ‘find a loose end and pull it’ approach as exemplified in ‘Connections’ rather than the hugely dull ‘silo’ approach of conventional secondary school education.

  9. The day the average libertarian bothers to read a scientific paper would be a historical milestone. Unfortunately, they’d rather listen to the hate filled rants of Delingpole and the general ignorance of Sarah “North Korean allies” Palin.

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