Why we still heart Sarah Palin

There’s a narrative about Sarah Palin that goes something like this: until the Arizona shootings she coulda been a contender. But then with her ill-judged reference to a “blood libel” she lost it, whereas the mighty President Obama only added to his stature with a temperate, thoughtful speech which united America behind him. Bye bye Sarah Palin.

Yeah, right.

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3 thoughts on “Why we still heart Sarah Palin”

  1. “No one is saying Sarah Palin doesn’t make the odd gaffe”

    Not just an odd gaffe, she is the definition of gaffe. Her and her North Korean allies.

  2. No she is a lying fool. She lies about everything. She lied about being pregnant. Her first baby wasn’t even Todd’s. The woman is a total disaster.

    Go read Palingates.

  3. I think Sarah Palin might become President. It would be an incredible sight to see. It’s like rubbernecking at a car crash. People would vote for just to see what might happen. It would be terrifying but also entertaining.

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