Would I be a better novelist if I found my inner Trollope?

Some of you are going to be appalled that it has taken me till now to read Trollope’s Autobiography. And quite right too. If I’d read it in my mid-twenties instead of my mid-forties, I would have had two dozen novels under my belt by now instead of a measly five-and-a-half. And you would never have had to read a single column of mine complaining about how poor and underrated I am, because I wouldn’t be. By the time he was my age, Trollope was a household name and bringing in £4,500 a year. This is the rough equivalent of £675,000 today.

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One thought on “Would I be a better novelist if I found my inner Trollope?”

  1. Huzzah! You’re working on “Coward at the Bulge”! Not to put any pressure on you, J.D., but do you have any idea when it’ll be published? Also, have you given much thought as to the order in which the other Coward adventures will be revealed to the reading public? I’m particularly eager to find out how our hero ends up at Stalingrad fighting on the German side (and h0w he escapes).

    I read “Bridge” during the Christmas holidays. Great novel! I preferred “Beach”, but the follow-up was a truly worthy successor.


    PS: You keep doing that research as much as you want. As with G.M. Fraser’s books, the “Notes” section at the end of the novel is like a delicious dessert after a truly satisfying meal.

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