Alfred S: Australian schoolboy; climate hero

I’ve had some good news on the climate war front which I’m looking forward to telling you about next week. Till then, I invite you to join me in a toast to an Australian schoolboy named Alfred S who stood up to the vilification of his teachers and class mates by refusing to bow down and worship ManBearPig. (H/T Bishop Hill)

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3 thoughts on “Alfred S: Australian schoolboy; climate hero”

  1. We salute Alfred S …..

    …and we question what the scum of humanity are doing getting their BS propaganda into State Education to hed-fuk other peoples children???

    Sack every public employee, minister and teacher who peddled this indoctrination of children with immediate effect

  2. The Tasmanian Minister for Education is ill, and away from Parliament, but Alfred and I met the Shadow Minister for Education today. He was shocked to hear the details of how poorly students are taught, and how dogmatic indoctrination and bizarre misrepresentations of studies are presented as deriving from an alleged scientific consensus —and he’s a former science teacher. He assures us that he will press the Minister for explanations.
    Alfred will update his blog regularly to provide details of any developments.
    It is, I think, worth adding that, in addition to many messages of support, Alfred has received much foul abuse from all over the world.

  3. Dogmatic indoctrination is the way science must go in the end. You can’t have anarchism in science once big bucks dominate the scene! You have to have some control, some elite journal editors, science society presidents, etc. Then science is transformed into a politics all of its own. Furthermore, the particular brand of politics you find in science isn’t very liberal or democratic. Einstein had his flaws and is often attacked for relativism and socialist politics, but he did believe in individuality and trying to separate politics from science, unlike the Marxist sycophants who followed and believed in the lies of Marx.

    We must all socialise in the sense of thinking alike and conforming to Marx’s (or whoever’s) revolutionary, wonderfully brilliant moral, ethical, or well-meaning ideas, or else. Then if it turns out Emperor’s new clothes are a con, we must all brainwash ourselves (for the greater good, of course) into believing that all is well. In this sense, the only difference between Marxism and Nazism is the pseudoscience of eugenic racism. It is inevitable that the philosophy of Marx perseveres after the end of the USSR, just as Nazi ecofascism continued after WWII (with the antinuclear/green/CO2 pseudoscience).

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