Britain: still stuffed under joke Tories

This afternoon in the House of Commons, I shall be giving my annual pep talk to Donal Blaney’s madrassa for post-pubescent righties – the Young Britons Foundation.

Exhibit a) will be this letter to the Spectator by “Conservative” MP Peter Ainsworth which I think may well be the most self-satisfied, intellectually dishonest, arrogant, ill-informed and repellent in the magazine’s history…

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3 thoughts on “Britain: still stuffed under joke Tories”

  1. The only good politician is an unemployed (or dead) politician

    The solution to the clown show that is the Tory Party, Liberal party and Labour Party is to remove politicians of all coloured ribbons from the hair of society. Namely chuck that toilet called Westminster into the Thames.

    The solution is not ‘small govt’ James me old mate, but Zero Govt.

    Tell Hannan, he’s still trying to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic with his ‘Plan’. Tell him he’s a turkey and if he wants to get something right he needs to vote for Christmas !

  2. Velocity: democracy as invented in Ancient Greece consists of a daily evening referendum of the citizens on the policies of the day, not the election twice a decade of one out of an effective choice of two main parties which are clones of each other on crucial policies like EUSSR membership! A Facebook type government a custom asp front-ended sql database could be designed and implemented cheaply to allow all of the citizens in our country democratic liberty daily, by evening referendums on policy issues. Instead, “democracy” has been corrupted into the jiggery pokery of Westminster, a self-perpetuating dinosaur.

    Electing representatives who effectively become dictators and refuse an EUSSR membership referendum to the people is what happened with Germany in 1933 and it is going to submerge this country, which is sinking fast already:

    “The time of the homogenous nation-state is over. Each European country has to be open for different cultures. However, we only have one [EUSSR] civilization: of [EUSSR] democracy, of individual rights, of the rule of [EUSSR] law.”

    – Herman Van Rompuy, President of the EUSSR, “Ein Vorhang ging auf”, Berlin, 9 November 2010, page 5.

    James nicely summarizes the history of how we got into this mess in his great book How to be right, with Prime Minister Edward Heath saying on TV in January 1973: “There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears I need hardly say, are completely unjustified.”

    The problem with the EUSSR or any plans for large scale or world government, is that it removes more and more control from regions. The 1970s USSR had fake elections, similar in many ways to our fake elections, where we can vote for clones, all with the same policies and dictatorial crap.

    If we take the old Marxist propaganda that Herman Van Rompuy hypes, about EUSSR removing some national values and control in the name of preventing another war in Europe, he is ignoring the whole basis for WWI and WWII, where in both cases Britain declared war on Germany to prevent or end the domination of Europe by one superpower. In other words, the whole point of the World Wars in Europe was to prevent the creation of a superstate. The EUSSR, rather than preventing a superstate, is a superstate, exactly what we fought to prevent in two world wars! If we had surrendered to the Nazis, they would have given Mosley and the appeasers like Berlin Ambassador Henderson some say in the superpower, just as we have some MEPs. But that’s not national freedom for Britain!

    I just love the response of David Cameron, James’ college friend, the other day to the Daily Express petition by a third of a million readers to have a referendum on EUSSR membership. Cameron said it was not in Britain’s “national interest”. That was precisely what Conservative Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain used to tell Churchill, when Churchill argued that Hitler’s plan for European integration should be stopped.

    Leo McKinstry politely pointed out on page 12 of the 7 March 2011 Daily Express:

    “No politician symbolises the twisted values of the EU more graphically than Baroness cathy Ashton, the Brussels foreigh affairs boss. All the European Union’s traits of hypocrisy, profligacy, arrogance, and lack of democracy are embodied in this ridiculous bureaucratic parasite. Baroness Ashton has never been elected to any public office during her unedifying career. Yet now, amid the turmoil of North Africa, she has the nerve to give lectures about the importance of elections and liberty. … If anywhere needs the breath of democracy it is the closed politburo of Ashton … as a second-rate labour apparatchik, Ashton has never run any major organization in her life. But now she is in charge of a burgeoning EU duplomatic empire … She is also head of the European Defence Agency … Ashton also recently decided to spend £8.5 million on the recruitment of public relations consultants [copying Dr Goebbels’s 1930s propaganda tricks] to improve the image of the EU. … The reason why the EU has such a dismal reputation is not because of poor PR but because it is such a menacing, wasteful leviathan bent on destroying our independence … Yesterday it was revealed that Brussels is to spend £51 million on a new museum to celebrate the political integration of Europe. This will be a vast monument to political vanity, the kind of edifice that the Soviet Union used to build to impose its ideology on its oppressed population.”

  3. Nige Cook
    The great Greek philosophers were as ignorant as the American Founding Fathers on “democracy” and a system of government. The people do not need a system of Govt which is a monopoly (parasite) system not a system of the peoples will be reflected.
    Why do we need ‘representatives’ when we can represent ourselves?
    You promote a system of daily decision making as in ancient Greece. Gee is that not what people can do for themselves without any need of a power structure to represent them???
    “Democratic” Govt is no such thing. It is resting the power from the people into a at best crippled body politic.
    Democracy is bet served with freedom. Not by a toilet such as Westminster or Washington that threatens you with fines, theft of your property and jail if you do not give it your income.
    People can make their own decisions. People can travel the world and have their own foreign policies. People cannot be represented, our opinions are too diverse to be abused into one national centralised policy.
    The internet is proof how disparity and ‘small’ is so vastly superior to centralised and ‘big’.
    Govt is a rotten old dinosaur. It has failed. Every Dept is a failure. Every nation State is a failure.
    We The People….. can manage our own lives thank you very much…. Fuk Govt and the parasites that prey through it on us.
    Freedom and Free Markets

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