Did 'climate change' cause the Japanese earthquake?


But that hasn’t stopped one or two unscrupulous environmentalists trying to make the spurious connection. Top prize for shamelessness goes to one Staffan Nilsson, president of an EU offshoot called the European Economic and Social Committee.

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6 thoughts on “Did 'climate change' cause the Japanese earthquake?”

  1. Live in harmony with nature, says Pachauri
    TNN | Mar 14, 2011, 03.38am IST

    COIMBATORE: Given that human actions are increasingly interfering with the delicate balance of nature, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and tsunamis will occur more frequently, said Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, director general of TERI, and the chief of the inter-governmental panel on Climate Change.

    Addressing students at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham on the sixteenth Institution Day Celebrations here on Friday, he lauded the efforts of the administration, pertaining to their green drive.

    “Unless we live in harmony with nature, unless we are able to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and adopt renewable energy sources and until we change our life styles, the world will increasingly become unfit for human habitation,” he said, adding that our ancestors put their emphasis on ethics and social morality and had less comforts perhaps but more fresh air and water.

  2. No, but it is being reported that the Japan earthquake was so powerful that it actually moved the whole planet by 10 inches.

    This could be the face saving device for climate science.

    Time to adjust the Milankovitch Cycle

  3. Dr ‘Rasputin’ Pachauri wears his Marxist control-freak tendencies on his sleeve …well it sure isn’t science is it!

    Has he got any scientific link between man and earthquakes, man and tsunamis, man and floods (ie. rainfall) or are they as ‘theoretical’ (ie. as much bollocks) as his CO2 horsesh*t?

    This retarded Commie simply cannot being hysterically anti-man can he?

    Karl Marx was a total asshole too

  4. Frank, it runs in the leftie genetic gene pool ….hopefully this deepening depression will think out their numbers considerably 😉

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