Liking the cut of Rommel’s uniform doesn’t make you a Nazi

‘Oh Daddy, please can I have that Nazi eagle badge. Oh please, oh please.’

We’re standing in the gift shop of the Baugnez ’44 memorial museum outside Malmedy, Belgium — me, Grandpa (aka my dad) and Girl — and we’re peering longingly into the original second world war memorabilia display case like Tiny Tims at Christmas. There are so many things we’d like if only we had the money: original GI helmets (€400 for a good one, with decent leather strap), packets of vintage Camels, tins of delousing powder, camouflage sticks, Wehrmacht pay books and, yes, Nazi eagle badges of all shapes and sizes. Inevitably, it’s the German stuff we covet most.

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2 thoughts on “Liking the cut of Rommel’s uniform doesn’t make you a Nazi”

  1. I dunno, James. The Krauts didn’t have ALL the best equipment and uniforms. A well-tailored Canadian officer’s BD uniform, post-1943 and a Mark II “turtle” helmet with helmet netting and burlap scrim looks pretty effing sharp, if you ask me.

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