Simon Singh's for the joy of solar energy

Tonight, as I’m sure you’re all aware Simon Singh – Britain’s third most famous celebrity mathematician after Carol Vorderman and Johnny Ball – appears at the Spectator debate speaking in defence of the great AGW meme.

I do hope his spirits haven’t been dampened by the recent news that the government is planning to slash subsidies for large-scale solar installations.

The proposals would reduce the tariff for roof-mounted schemes of more than 50 kilowatts by 39pc to 49pc and the tariff for stand-alone schemes may be reduced by more than 70pc.
The reason I mention this is that Simon’s entrepreneur brother Tom – who runs the Tom Singh Family Trusts – appears to be quite heavily exposed to the solar industry.

Entrepreneur and retailer Tom Singh has purchased a stake in solar power developer and producer mO3 Power.

Singh, who is the founder of high…

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