I heart Glenn Beck

So Glenn Beck is to lose his show at Fox. If you want to know why this is a bad thing for the world, forget what you may think of his sometimes over-the-top, lachrymose schtick and his tendency towards overstating the case. Concentrate instead on the unbridled joy and delirium Beck’s dethronement is already causing in left-liberal circles. The head of Glenn Beck on a platter is like Kwaanza come early for Keith Olbermann and George Soros and Barack Obama and CNN and CNBC and the New York Times and all the rest of that rag bag of Islamists, eco-loons, progressives, communitarians, and Gramsciites who would be so much happier if you didn’t know about their plans to steal your freedoms, take more of your money, swell the size of government and destroy your liberty.

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3 thoughts on “I heart Glenn Beck”

  1. Darn! Beck is losing his show!! What a shame!!! Comedians like Beck and you should be on our tv more, you guys are brilliant. Along with Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party and all the hate preachers. In fact, you guys should have your own show and call it Der Stürmer.

  2. Beck was the only political show on TV i could watch (stomach). The rest is pitiful propaganda, everything from the endless crones on Question Time to the BBC’s Politics Show which is more of the same carefully contructed sugar coated shit that never gets to the turds lurking beneath

    Beck was head-on, refreshing, brave on any topic none of which the mainstream guff would touch on. He deserves a Pulitzer no question

    My only reserves came when he coated all too much in the Constitution, religion, the pro military-industrial complex and pro Isreal (a sham state) as all pro Republicans unquestionably abide by.

    Still he will be sorely missed and, like you James, hope he returns at full force

  3. Just to let you know James, it is articles of this ilk , and things like your most devoted follower on the Telegraph using a Confederate flag as his avatar, which causes a great deal of similarly anti-establishment and un-PC individuals with great taste in music (like me), who would otherwise be very well disposed toward a great deal of the points you make, to wrinkle their noses as if you smelt slightly of diarrhea.

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