What exactly has the world ever done for Britain?

A FEW years ago I was wandering through a market in Omdurman in the Sudan when I was accosted by an angry old man. “Why did you leave us?” he said. “Things were so much better when you were here.”

We British are so used to being told by foreigners how awful we are that at first I didn’t understand his point. Then slowly it dawned.

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4 thoughts on “What exactly has the world ever done for Britain?”

  1. It wasn’t us colonials that forced you to join the EU.
    Also if you have noticed the Commonwealth Countries are major producers of commodities and major consumers of capital,services and manufactured products of all kinds.
    Seemingly an ideal commercial fit for the UK,so why did you join the EU.
    We didn’t vote your politicians in either.

  2. Britains colonial management was most succesful when it was ‘hands off’ such as Hong Kong where they just allowed people to get on and do it.
    A stark contrast to Britains “hands on” management style at home which has been a disaster.
    There is no part of the economy this parasite squid called Westmonster – sorry Westminster – will not stick its jack boots in. The worst examples are public transport (a bankrupt incompetent tragedy), healthcare (a bankrupt incompetent tragedy), energy (a bankrupt incompetent tragedy), education (a bankrupt incompetent tragedy) to name but a few.
    Westmonster now sucks nearly 60% of GDP out of the private sector that creates all the wealth for this 80 year old parasite socialist State to feed off. And since recession hit on 2007 it has doubled spending and debt like a dysfunctional vandal in society while business and consumers have rightly cut back.
    Taxation is increasing under the wet socialists/marxists of the Con-Lib Govt sucking even more out of a fragile bled dry economy while it has done little more than jawbone about cuts (none to daye, 3 years into recession) and moaned and whinged about a paltry £6bn in cuts like some spoilt brat.
    This is a 20 stone pig feeding on the private sector and it bleets about having having a figure dip taken away from its ever open fat obese mouth?
    Blighty is totally f**ked… last man with any sense out, switch the lights off

  3. Velocity: the real tragedy is that so few stand up to Marxist/socialists/ecofascists. That’s how they sneak their propaganda and lies into Cameron’s mind. What we need, but haven’t got, is a thundering good thrashing to the socialist lies of Marx. You’d have thought that with the bankrupcy of the USSR, the message would be clear, but nobody has has ever given Marx the thrashing he deserves in print. Socialism is hell because it de-motivates society by taking away (or watering down) prizes and punishments. Human nature only does real good – which requires taking risks and overcoming adversity – when there is some compelling prize/punishment to encourage progress. Water down the prizes for success (by excessive taxation) and punishments for failure (by rewarding criminals), and you’ve the perfect recipe for making hell on earth. But there’s another problem as well. Socialism is founded on lying. It lies in order to try to motivate people: scaremongering lies about CO2, nuclear power, weapons, deterrence, radiation, capitalism, etc. It lies by exaggerating dangers, while omitting any balance by glossing over the bigger dangers from alternatives. It ses fashionable groupthink to try to circumvent scientific criticisms by preventing any genuine debate: it labels all critics as evil as Trotsky, and tries to dispose of them quietly using ice axes. It’s just another form of lying political dictatorship, which claims that good social intentions justify lying, that suppression of dissent is necessary to defend the socialist revolution, that dissent is evil by definition, that socialism must be the future of humanity. It’s weird that socialism lives on after the USSR went bankrupt. It’s like the earth centred universe existing side by side with the solar system. When will someone put socialism out of its misery for good? Someone needs to write the definitive epitaph of socialism.

  4. James, I have travelled pretty widely. In my experience Johnny Foreigner is far slower to decry the British Empire than might be imagined, and your Sudanese old man has his cohorts in India, Pakistan, the Caribbean (that I know of) and no doubt in other parts of the once-pink world. Sneering at Empire is overwhelmingly a pastime of the post-Christian Pharisees. Like warmism, it’s part of their lifestyle of vague, reflexive expiation, with a bit of simian grooming thrown in, and has no more connection with the real world.

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