Cameron's price for saving his Coalition: the destruction of Britain

“Is David Cameron such a blindingly brilliant, gorgeous, lovely, magnificent, visionary, fragrant Prime Minister that he makes Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher look like invisible cockroach pigmies of so little consequence I can’t even begin to find a metaphor for their utter relative inconsequentiality when compared with this mighty Corialanus-meets-Julius-Caesar colossus of superlative magnficence?” some columnists are asking.

Let me explain briefly, with reference to the main story in today’s Observer, why he is not.

The story could, I suppose, be a flier: a handy leak from the left wing of the Coalition to give the libtard press an excuse to write something “positive” about Chris Huhne to cover up the story that everyone else…

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  1. Finally, someone that will dare to mention thorium reactors. Probably too much to ask though – do you realize that Japan has suffered 10 billion deaths because of nuclear energy? Or was it 50 billion?

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