Don't let the Watermelons kill the Shale Gas Revolution

Imagine if we were to discover a new form of cheap, clean energy so abundant that it will provide our needs at least for the next two centuries, freeing us from the pervasive early 21st century neurosis of having to worry about “peak oil” or “conserving scarce resources”, causing a worldwide economic boom and with the added side-benefit of creating more fertiliser so that we can not only heat our homes more cheaply than ever before but also eat more cheaply than ever before.

Imagine how Environmentalists would react if such a miracle came into being.

Actually we don’t need to imagine for the miracle is already here. It’s called Shale Gas and is the subject of a thrilling new report…

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2 thoughts on “Don't let the Watermelons kill the Shale Gas Revolution”

  1. I can’t post in the DT at the moment, ‘cos I’ve been a Very Bad Badger (my views on Islam); just a welcome back and hope your health improves soon.

  2. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on your candid honesty on the subject of global warming, it is a shame that you are not afforded a greater platform to annouce these dire facts.
    re: peak oil.
    I would highly recomend that you read Professor Thomas Golds book “The Deep Hot Biosphere”
    If you havn’t read it already then it will open your mind to the lies and control that is exerted in the west over the energy industry and ultimately defines the macabre policies adopted by the Empire overseas and at home.
    Good luck in your continuance as a real journalist.

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