Lord Turnbull: the IPCC is useless

Following yesterday’s story about David Cameron’s depressing plans to bomb the UK economy back to the dark ages and wipe out the British countryside, here’s a wistful reminder of how things might have been if only we weren’t run by imbeciles.

It’s a briefing paper called The Really Inconvenient Truth – or It Ain’t Necessarily So produced for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by Lord Turnbull, the former Cabinet Secretary and head of the Home Civil Service (2002 to 2005). His arguments against unilateral action by Britain to “combat Climate Change” are clear and powerful. In a nutshell, he says: “Don’t let the deeply untrustworthy IPCC decide the fate of the UK economy.”

Lord Turnbull doesn’t mince…

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One thought on “Lord Turnbull: the IPCC is useless”

  1. Former NASA climatologist Dr Roy Spencer has an IPCC criticism in his 12 May 2011 blog post http://www.drroyspencer.com/2011/05/weak-warming-of-the-oceans-1955-2010-implies-low-climate-sensitivity

    …The bottom line is that the ocean has not warmed nearly as much as would be expected based upon the climate sensitivities exhibited by all of the climate models tracked by the IPCC.

    Now, what I do not fully understand is why the IPCC claims that the ocean heat content increases indeed ARE consistent with the climate models, despite the relatively high sensitivity of all of the IPCC models. While some might claim that it is because warming is actually occurring much deeper in the ocean than 700 m, the vertical profiles I have seen suggest warming decreases rapidly with depth, and has been negligible at a depth of 700 m.

    Also, note that I have not even addressed any natural sources of warming. If Mother Nature was also involved in the ocean warming during 1955-2010, then this would imply an even LOWER climate sensitivity than I have estimated here.

    Turnbull is wrong about the IPCC, it’s not useless; it’s very useful indeed to pro-AGW quacks like ecofascists. The biggest IPCC lie is the glib assumption of positive feedback from water vapour, when the evidence from Spencer shows negative feedback that’s strong enough to reduce 2100 AD temperature rise predictions from ~3C to <1C.

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