My Coalition verdict: Could have done SO much better

Verdict: 4 out of 10. Hang on a second: we’re embroiled in an entirely unnecessary war we can’t afford in Libya; we’ve failed to cut runaway spending – only the rate of increase in public spending; we’ve done zilch to address the problem of homegrown Islamist terrorism; we’re frightening off higher rate taxpayers and persecuting the bankers who, for better or worse, generate around 11 per cent of our economy; we’re hampering wealth creation; we’re pussyfooting with the trade unions; we’re still committed to the Climate Change Act which will cost the taxpayer upwards of £18 billion a year; we’ve shirked the chance to reform healthcare in any sensible, useful way; we’re still hell-bent on destroying Britain’s greatest asset – her countryside – with ugly, economically hopele…

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