No surprise that the BBC has been caught out in a lie

THE BBC has had to apologise after being caught out telling porkie pies in one of its Panorama documentaries.

Though it claimed to show genuine footage of exploited Indian child labourers sweating for a pittance to make cheap fashion for Primark, these scenes had in fact been staged.

A voice in the background heard saying: “Get on with the work little boy” and “keep quiet and get on with job” was provided by the Panorama crew’s driver/translator.

Are any of you surprised by this? I’m not.

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3 thoughts on “No surprise that the BBC has been caught out in a lie”

  1. The BBC’s computer is riddled with the virus of Marxist-Feminism. It needs to be purged, and rebooted back to the last known good configuration.

    And with its proven track record of false-hood, can Kate Adie’s reports from the ‘front-line’ be believed, since it is possible for the professional microphones to pick-up distant gunfire, as though it were near.

    I wonder if Kate’s camera crew are forbidden to write memoirs?

  2. Actually… I was prepared to concede that, in the great scheme of things, ‘one summer doth not a summer make’.

    However the unremitting ‘Who, us? We’re perfect because we just are’ posts on the BBC ‘The Editors’ blog has rather got under my skin and I now feel a wee bit more inclined to be less forgiving as the culture at the top pretty much ensures this will continue… in a downwards spiral.

    And the reaction of one of the top table was gobsmacking, complementing the ‘sure it was pants, but other stuff might not have been so it all evens out’ mindset of some very less than market rate talents drawing down hundreds of k a year.

    I can’t imagine the BBC coming over quite so forgiving if one of their pet targets strays from the ethical straight and narrow.

    The Corporation has now become almost synonymous with bare-faced hypocrisy.

  3. @JimmyGiro… I am afraid there was never a “good configuration”… During the lead up to WW2, they adopted the side of the appeasers… They have always taken sides…

    Whether this is right or wrong is irrelevant, it is unbalanced and that is not part of their mandate as the state broadcaster.

    Incidentally, before they became the state broadcaster they were known to be a bit more people centric in that they concentrated on entertaining mainly, news was a brief interval that was delivered anonymously.

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