Vote Blue, Go Green, Ruin Britain

Sometimes it takes a trip abroad properly to ram home just how screwed your country is. And so it proved when, on the deck of a Baltic cruise ship, I first read reports of Scottish Power’s dramatic gas and electricity price rises. Instead of experiencing a wave of fury, as no doubt I would have done at home, what I felt instead was the sort of detached, sardonic amusement an alien might feel on viewing from outer space a once-great civilisation destroying itself over an issue of immeasurable triviality.

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2 thoughts on “Vote Blue, Go Green, Ruin Britain”

  1. You are a fat retarded git who doesn’t understand facts, nor has read them, which are as simple as GCSE science that point to all of claims that global warming is a farce are incorrect. You interpret data and overriding factors to push your half-arsed satire.

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