Australia counts the cost of environmental lunacy – and plots its sweet revenge

Gosh I’m looking forward to visiting Australia later this year. And the reason I’m so excited – apart from the fact that I’ve never been before to the Land of the Taipan, the Sydney Funnel Web, the Box Jellyfish, the Saltwater Crocodile, and the Great White Shark – is that I know I’m going to be given a hero’s welcome.

After all, by the time I arrive in Oz sometime in November to promote the Aussie edition of Watermelons (Connor Court), the Australians will have had a good three months to reflect on the disasters which have been inflicted on their economy in the name of “combating climate change.” They’ll have noticed the $25 billion shaved off the share markets in a spectacular…

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8 thoughts on “Australia counts the cost of environmental lunacy – and plots its sweet revenge”

  1. Well Delingpole, so you’re going to visit us in Australia.
    Don’t expect Tim Flannery to carry your bags, he’ll be much too busy getting on with the important business of fighting AGW.
    Me, well I sure as hell won’t be carrying your bags, except maybe back to the airport to get you and your absolute b/s out of the Country. Where & when will you be arriving, I’d love to organise a welcoming party to meet you when we can discuss the dumb claptrap you’ve been pedalling.
    I do hope you’re coming to Sydney, not visiting your rubbish friend Andrew Bolt south of the border in Melbourne.
    I’ll be keeping an eye out for you, love to attend one of your ‘touchy feelie’ meetings just to take you down a peg or two with questions about the nonsense you espouse. Would you like a list of questions, it would only be fair to give you a good three months to put together some sort of pathetic answers.
    Monckton by the way got laughed off most of the media here, just about everybody knows he talks crap, but, I’ll grant you one thing he is entertaining apart from being pitiful.

  2. Patrick, you’ve used an awful lot of words just to say “I have no counterarguments to the points raised”. Of course, we can’t discount your shocking threats to prepare some kind of verbal masterstroke, but judging by what you’ve written there I’ve got a feeling you’ll wind up pretty embarrassed.

  3. James, thanks so much for your book and forthcoming visit. People like you, Lord Monckton, Vaclav Klaus and Mark Steyn are contributing so much this important debate. I will happily shlep any of your bags!

    Patrick, does your mum know you’re on her laptop?

  4. Patrick sounds like another true believer who will not” suffer a witch to live”….enviromentalism is pre christian paganism dressed up in modern clothes….high tech deism or maybe animism… has it’s holy book, holy symbol, holy prophet and vision of the apocalypse …it’s sacred symbol is the green windturbine that is evocative of the cross and can be worn as a shoulder patch on their” greenshirts ”

  5. Hi James,

    Can’t wait for you to visit. Available to carry your bags if need be. Love your work and wish I could say the same about the rest of The Spectator.

  6. “Imagine if everything you knew about the environment was wrong.”

    I can think of no-one better qualified to describe how that feels.

  7. Patrickdj confirms the problem we have here in Australia. You question the orthodoxy, you get yelled down, threatened, abused and insulted. If we had a climate inquisition (handily located in all Australian Broadcasting Corporation offices) Patrick could report me anonymously to Cardinal Tim or Group Leader Julia to be dealt with.
    By the way, Monkton was heard respectfully at the National Press Club last week so there are few left down under with manners and tolerance.

  8. What a thorough unpleasant, nasty, ugly person you are Patrick. James will definitely be given a hero’s welcome, just as Lord Monckton was, and I for one can not wait to hear him speak.

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