There are few things quite so emetic as the liberal-left on its high horse

Perhaps the least edifying aspect of the News of the World saga has been the sanctimonious fervour of the liberal-left wallowing in a stew of its own self-righteousness. We’ve had more than a whiff of this putrescent cant here at Telegraph blogs.

Two days ago my colleague David Hughes made the perfectly unexceptionable – and indeed true – point that the media campaign had been orchestrated to a frenzied pitch by the BBC and the Guardian, partly to have a go at David Cameron, partly to have a dig at their Murdoch nemesis. To read some of the comments below you’d think he’d called for the beatification of Uday Hussain.

It was the same yesterday when Toby Young wrote a thoughtful piece in defence of tabloid journalism. Having acknowledged…

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3 thoughts on “There are few things quite so emetic as the liberal-left on its high horse”

  1. Hi James

    Your subject is one my wife and I have discussed many times. As much as it seemed a little glib and simplistic we came to (for us) the unavoidable conclusion that Libtardism, as opposed to Liberalism, is a personality disorder.

    Spending your life operating on emotions that pass for logic, never wavering from ideological shibboleths, true or not, shielding your tender sensibilities with the absolute certainty that you are operating from the moral high ground, reinforcing your intellectual blindness by socially associating (or only listening to) with those who agree with you….these are all indications of a form of Narcissism that would have to be, in a “normal” world, considered a personality disorder.

    But what do I know. I am just a maladjusted knuckle-dragging moderate conservative who happens to live in the “Greenest City in America” according to Newsweek and other sources of wisdom from on high.

    I live in a state (Oregon) that is well known for it’s bullet- proof and impeccable Liberal bonafides. It is so bad here that at 9 dinner parties out of 10 it is considered bad form to take exception to even the most outrageously wrong and totally illogical accusations and insults thrown at anyone qualifying for “Neocon” status. I get kicked under the table even if I ask the speaker politely and without a trace of irony “what, in your opinion, is a Neocon?” One answer (after ignoring the kick) came from a very bright attorney who said a Neocon was a right wing Christian.

  2. James

    In my post, your blog somehow switched paragraphs 3 and 4. I am not dyslexic so I thought it would be edifying to point that out

  3. I don’t know if you can simply blame the BBC and Guardian for this. While at the same time, I can totally understand their enthusiasm for this.

    The Guardian had been saying for years that this was happening and each time the NotW said the claims were false, that it was two people and that was it. I would be celebrating if I had been vindicted this way.

    Ultimatly, if the roles were reversed, James, The Sun, The Mail and the rest of them would be calling for the closure of the Observer. Everyone’s biased. When people call Ford and the Co-op asking them not to advertise in the NotW then it’s a “BBC plot”. If they were to call up demanding the same thing as regards the Guardian it would be “the voice of common people speaking truth to power”.

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