Dave, you’re a disappointment – but there’s still time to change that

Dear Dave,

There are few things more annoying than when an old friend writes to tell you what a hash you’re making of your life. Especially when the friend is a squitty hack/blogger and you’re a leader of the free world. God, how impertinent is that?

But there are things that old friends can see that newer friends wouldn’t dare tell you even if they were capable of noticing. Yeah, you’re Prime Minister and I’m not, but I’m really not jealous. I don’t judge friends’ success by the titles or positions they’ve accumulated, or by how rolling in money they are or how powerful they’ve become. What I ask myself is: ‘Given the advantages they’ve had and the opportunities they’ve been given, have they achieved their full potential?’ And in your case the answer is no. Or at best, a very feeble ‘Not yet’.

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2 thoughts on “Dave, you’re a disappointment – but there’s still time to change that”

  1. James

    This is off topic.

    Newsnight yesterday, the introduction was England had just one the test series, then the rest of the slot was taken up bemoaning the state of asian cricket in the uk. Poor grounds poor facilities, not enough Asians playing for England etc.

    My point is that on the day that England one the series magnificently, all the BBC could do is be negative and attack English cricket?

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