Seven types of troll: a spotter's guide

As we all know just because you’re away on holiday doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about the nasty things in life. That’s why I’m dedicating this post to the menagerie – or, if you will, infestation – of trolls which lurk below this blog and who seem to have grown even more active in my absence.

There’s an argument which goes that we bloggers need our pet trolls almost as much as they need us. I’m not sure I value them that highly myself but I do find them a fascinating case study. What intrigues me is their psychopathology. I mean, it takes a certain sort of mentality actively to seek out columnists with whom you disagree and lurk below their blog being spiteful and angry and disruptive….

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One thought on “Seven types of troll: a spotter's guide”

  1. Unable to contribute to your ‘Telegraph’ comments or even see same (probably just as well, considering) as my browser blocks Discus. So, at the risk of outing myself as yet another dreary failoblogger, I’m posting here to congratulate you on (a) rising above all this spite &/or idiocy, and (b) providing such a hilarious and accurate analysis of, er, troll typology: brilliant!
    Best wishes from a former resident & fellow devotee of the Wye Valley.

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