What will happen to the convicted rioters

Read this and weep:

“Now, just what will these consequences be you may ask? Well, for those over eighteen whatever custodial sentences they do receive, if any, they will no doubt serve just a fraction of their sentences as is common for most criminals in the UK. However, in what will clearly be a perversion of justice, those rioters under eighteen will be treated as if they too are the victims of the very crimes they have commited, as this is the ethos at the heart of the youth justice system. I know this from having worked alongside and in the Youth Offending Service. Within a few weeks many of these rioters that you are now watching loot, burn and terrorise on a twenty four news channel will be on an Intensive Surveillance and Supervision Programme, where they will…”

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4 thoughts on “What will happen to the convicted rioters”

  1. The Morlocks have come out to feed. Not evolved creatures these, but designed by a power grasping elite that needs a contained, caged class for their votes. We can see this evil being spouted by The Harm at Michael Gove. The New Labour project used Britain, destroyed it just to create a situation where they would be perpetually in power, in part supported in the party by ideologues who at best could be described as intellectual cretins. The path to take David is quite clear, but it is some way off from the one you are on currently. Do the right thing for the country, rejoin the Conservative party.

  2. I like you, James. I don’t know why, other than you’re smart, amusing, see things as they truly are and report them as such. Perhaps the most important reason is that you piss off liberals terribly, and what could be better than that.

  3. As a British citizen who has lived many years in the US it’s very sobering to come back to my homeland and see the radical changes that have taken place over the last 25 years , and how liberalism , the welfare state and death of religion has effected post modern Britain….Americans should take a long hard look at the UK and welcome to Obamaland, as it’s an ironic ”back to the future” of Stanley Kubrick​’s futuristic masterpeace of the CLOCKWORK ORANGE …an increasingly lawless , nihilistic world of drunkeness , debauchery , fatherless children and moronic celebrity worshiping TV culture ….a kinda high tech ignorance of mobile phones , toxic TV and internet , without the fear of God or the law

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